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Picture mail stopped working last month!


Picture mail stopped working last month!

Last month my picture mail just stopped working out of no where on my EVO 4G. After utilizing it daily for years and years with every phone, I am no longer able to send or recive and my business relies on this.

I have contacted sprint over 50 times, spent a combined total of 19 hours on the phone, visited the techs at several stores over a dozen times, and received identical replacement phones. They have done multiple hard resets, hundreds of pushes and updates, and programming secret codes and everything they should have done and it still never worked.

Last week a tech at the Westland Mi store told me it would be repaired in 72 hours and he would call me back. 6 days later and no one has contacted me. I called the tech support national number again and spoke to a manager yesterday and they are now saying that my phone number is not recognized in the system???? The manager refused to give me his name and refused to give me a ticket number so I could call back if it wasnt repaired by today. So today it is still not working, and I have no way of reaching that same manager in tech support. So I will have to call again 51 times and have to explain the entire problem over again to multiple people and get the same response.

Wish me luck! I have been a Sprint customer for over 15 years.


Picture mail stopped working last month!


Can I have the zipcode where your having these issues at?

Thank you,



Picture mail stopped working last month!



Picture mail stopped working last month!

Wow, that sounds like a truly frustrating experience.  If your phone has been replaced that many times, then it must be billing or network related.  There have also been some issues with Sprint 3G in that zip code that could be a factor.  I'd really like to take a look at your account, your picturemail status, and a few other things.  Picture Mail should NOT be this difficult to fix.  Please private message by clicking on my avatar.  I will need your name, Sprint phone number, and pin or security information for your account.  I'm available for the next 45 mins or so, then again on Saturday. 


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