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How do you download new pictures to a Folder on the memory card. Also how do you download  your downloaded pictures to your home cpu

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Re: Pictures

Here's what I use: link


Re: Pictures

When you plug your phone into your computer using the USB cable, there will be a screen that comes up on the device. Choose "Disk Drive" and your phone will mount the SD card so you can access it from your computer. It should then appear on your computer as a disk drive. When you are finished make sure you pull down the notification bar on your phone and choose the Disk Drive option, change it back to "Charge Only" and your phone will mount the card again so it can access it instead of the computer. After that you can disconnect the USB cord.

This works both ways and you can copy items to/from the computer and the phone. This includes pictures, ringtones, videos, etc.

If the options aren't appearing or working correctly, make sure that USB Debugging is turned off in Settings > Applications > Development.

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