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Problems With My Evo 4G


Problems With My Evo 4G

First Off I Must Say Looking At The Detailed Coverage Map down to street level i should have full bars

but instead anywhere in my house even outside i get maybe half the bars that i should be having.

second is why am i paying a $10 fee on my plan when lets say websurfing on 3g is beyond slow. i have to constantly swithc to wifi because 3g is beond slow or no bars this is ridiculous.

i have a 4g phone with no 4g and beyond slow 3g .

speedtest results:


Download 70kbps

Upload 114Kbps

have removed my battery update my profile updated my prl and im on the most current Andorid OS 2.3.3 Build 4.53.651.1

and im experiencing a bunch of errors like

Network Busy Error - Gotta Sit There Call And Cal And Call

and this Radio Interface rsource shortage error

can someone in sprint look into this ? im bout ready to go back to my previous carrier if this continues . dont get me wrong i love my phone but these issues are getting to me

im in zip 14201 Buffalo NY

Thanks In Advance


Problems With My Evo 4G

I have the same issues! they have become worse since the iPhone has been added to the network! I don't understand what the problem is but it needs to be resolved quickly! 19008, PA

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