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Random thoughts on the HTC EVO 4G


Random thoughts on the HTC EVO 4G

Went into a Sprint retail store the other day to get my HTC Hero checked out. Was having a problem with email. Turns out it just needed to have the battery taken out and put back in. I've come to learn this solves most problems with cell phones, by the way. Anyway, my contract is almost up and I'm looking at new phones. The HTC EVO 4G is near the top of my list, mostly because it's 4G, although I hear that Samsung is coming out with a new one in September of this year. So, I'm looking at the HTC EVO in the store and one of the coolest things I've seen about it online is the ability to stream movies and watch them without hiccups/interuptions. And I wanted to see that kickstand in action. But the display won't let me check it out. #1 because of the security thingy on the phone itself. And # 2, there were no movies pre-loaded on the phone for me to watch. If Sprint is truly trying to compete with AT&T/Apple for the Iphone, it'd be nice to try and match that simple experience in the retail store. Have some movies pre-loaded and ready to watch. Oh, one last gripe/suggestion... Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't figure out how to turn the darn phone on. I thought the display model was dead. Turns out, there's a button on the top of the phone that you must push to get the display to activate. My HTC Hero is not like that, which confused me a bit.


Re: Random thoughts on the HTC EVO 4G

I can't speak too much to the POS experince, but I can tell you a couple of things about the EVO.

I have been pretty happy with the EVO, I know not everyone (from reading the forum) has but we have two and no major issues so far after a month. So far the experience with HTC as a manufacturer has been very good. Samsung Android phones might be very good, but the last two Samsungs I have had (both pre-Android years) were not really that great. From what little I've heard the 4G Samsung will be a reasonable alternative to EVO.

Streaming videos works, for the most part. On the 2.1 operating system (what EVO comes with now) I noticed tonight that I could not get videos on Vimeo to work, but Youtube works fine. I'm not sure if the Flash updates that come with 2.2 will resolve this. Where you go to get your streaming video might matter.

The video application does prevent the screen from turning off, and you can play audio in the stock player (and possibly others) while the screen is in power save mode. I have noticed that if you try to listen to audio in the browser it will not continue to play when the phone turns the screen off, so the same would probably be true of any flash playing in the browser. When you go to watch something on YouTube the browser app will send you over to the YouTube app which avoids the issue.

I have luke warm feelings about the kickstand. It is good to have, but you can't use it for anything vertically oriented and even horizontal it is a little wobbly. If I have the charger in it can easily unbalance the phone off the kickstand.

If you want to stream video reguarly, I hope you live in a 4G rich area...or plan to do it over Wi-Fi. Streaming video on 3G can be a bit painful at times.

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