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SD Card issues EVO 4g


SD Card issues EVO 4g

Has anyone else experienced an issue where, when attempting to save MP3 files, you get a message saying "SD Card full or Not Available?"

I even installed a NEW SD card. the memory says 7.65% available and yet when trying to save files I still get the full or not available message.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: SD Card issues EVO 4g

There is an update available over the air to fix the SD card issue - check for software updates from your menu.

(menu - settings - about phone - system updates)

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: SD Card issues EVO 4g

Wow! You won't believe I was having the same problem as I read your post. I think I have found the fix for this. I was curious to see if I even had an sd card installed, so I opend up the phone, removed the battery and there it was. Just by chance while I was removing and inserting the card several times, at one point I happened to inadvertantly push a locking button located just above where the card is inserted. Hard to see, but there are also instructions in the battery compartment. This fixed my problem. Hope this helps someone.

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