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Screen raising above the bevel


Screen raising above the bevel

who else is having this problem? is it gonna get worse?

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Hello again guys, I am back to report on evo #6!!!!

Well I have mixed feeling about this one, first of all, its the white one.  How best buy got that one in 5 days early, is beyond me, but I figured since this is the new model sort of, I would have a better chance of the phone being build better.

Well the back cover of the phone is made of a different better material, which I like, but I'm not crazy about how the back is white, but the front is still black, kinda odd (like a black and white bakery cookie .....seinfeld anybody?) This phone still does have a light leakage, but I am starting to get over that because it isnt so bad (as long as it doesnt get worse).  The screen IS firmly in place which is a relief, but I can still activate the home and search buttons if I press to the sides of them (this is probably my biggest quam with the evo in general).  I think the button thing is on all of them.

Can anyone tell me if they have this button issue?

Overall I think I will keep this one simply because the screen is firmly in place, and Im sick of exchanging ya know.  Whatever, if it ever breaks, Ill use my sprint insurance.


That really sucks that you're on your 6th EVO and it still has issues.  On the one hand I can understand you're sick of dealing with it, but on the other hand it's sad to see that HTC/Sprint are going to get away with selling a defective product because you just accept it at this point.

If the thing is leaking light, it's not put together properly; that's just a fact.  It may not bother you now, but what about some evening when you're watching TV/Vidoes on the thing and there's this glare of light distracting you out of the corner of the phone?  YMMV on that of course.

Also, you say the screen is tight, but you just took it out of the box, right?  My screen was tight, didn't leak light, and didn't feel loose until I had had the phone in daily normal use for 13 days.  I've read a few posts on the XDA forums where 13 days seems to be the first sign of failure for others.  If I were you, I wouldn't declare the phone free of this problem until at least two weeks after you've used it and "broken it in" so to speak.  😉

Keep in mind that your Sprint insurance has a $100 deductible.  Do you want to pay $100 to get a defect that the phone shouldn't have had in the first place repaired in a few months because said defect got worse?

I'm calling Sprint for a RMA to cancel my EVO and Sprint service either tomorrow or Thursday.  I don't want to go through 6 EVOs hoping to get a good one like you have, and I just can't put up with the terrible 3G service on mine.  I drove all the way from San Fernando to San Gabriel (40 miles) and tested speeds through North Hollywood, Burbank, Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Downtown Los Angeles - I only got acceptable 3G speeds in Silver Lake!  Unreal.  I even tried to pull a 4G signal in downtown, where allegedly it's available, though unofficially, but no hint of it.

Good luck with your EVO, it's got some great features, but it's defect ridden and on a questionable network.  My trip to San Gabriel was to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S - and after just a few hours, I am really impressed.  I hope it hold up to testing after a few weeks, unlike the EVO did for me!

edit:  P.S. - I noticed you were particular about the Galaxy S - the one I am testing is an unlocked one from Singapore, not one of the watered down versions the various US carriers plan on offering.  😉

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See you later guys enjoy your phones and service.

I cancelled my account about 30 mins ago.

Good luck.


How are you on your 6th EVO already? I've been to three different Sprint stores in two states and they can't seem to find one for me.

Also when I brought the issue up at the stores they treated me like an idiot and tried to tell me that they have never heard of the issue and that I must have done something to my phone.  So they obviously dont flow the problems out to the stores very well becasue it sounds like this screen issue is pretty widespread.

I was also wondering where I should go to get a replacement.  I bought it at a Radioshack but they told me its a defect in the phone so I need to get it from Spint but I go to Sprint and they tell me to get a new one at Radioshack.  any help?


I think the picked his up at BestBuy, but I'm not sure. They seem to have stock when nobody else does. Probably because BestBuy is only for new subscribers.

Just take your phone back to Radio Shack and tell them you want to return it if you're in your 30 day period since they refuse to exchange it.

Also, you can try calling the Sprint stores and acting like you're a new subscriber asking if they have any phones. My local store told me they didn't have any for existing subscribers or replacements, but that they did for new subscriptions.


I am not a new customer, I had an upgrade, and best buy does both.  I really hate the fact that I am stuck with a white one now.  Its so ugly compared to the black.  I am having fun customizing my evo since I have decided to keep this one.  It's still has leakage, but I emailed HTC and maybe one day they will repair it.....maybe.

Also, I know the evo is hard to find, but its not that hard if you dont bother with sprint, and focus on best buy.  I called every best buy in an hour radius every other day.  You have to do it if you want a semi properly constructed unit within you 30 (really 26 days if you want to keep your upgrade) days.


i hate to bring up a sore subject, but i'm seeing the light leaks for the first time last night and only have had the phone for a few days.  i knew this issue exists so have been checking periodically, but quite surprised that it became apparent so soon.

- HTC Evo?  Yes (HW: 0003)

- In Use # of Days: 4+ days (purchased 7/13/2010 PM)

- Bezel Seperation  Occuring: not noticable...yet(?)

- Light Leakage Occuring: yes, at bottom corner edges just below the Home and Search keys

- Other Side Effects: none

-  Type of Case / Wrap Used, If Any: none

- Applied / Removed Third Party  Screen Protectors?  No

- Phone Exposed to Water? No

-  Other Details/Notes: phone have been used mostly indoors, controlled climate.

i was really hoping that this later batch (HW: 0003) would not have this issue.  looks like it's going back, i'm afraid it might get worse.  too bad.


I purchased the white one from best buy on the 7th and the bottom left side is separating...only can get will be going back  they really need to fix a 200.00 phone shoulndt have screen issues like this, seems production was rushed or the just didnt full test these phones. 😞


Hi guys.  I am a new Sprint customer and I received my HTC Evo hardware version 003 on 7/21/10.  I am having a number of problems with my phone.  Of course I have the light leak issue, but I also have a very tiny pinhole below the Home button circle that is only visible when the LED lights come on.  It is located halfway between the bottom of the Home button circle and the bevel.  Basically there's a very tiny pinhole with light shining through it when the LED turns on.  Also, my earpiece speaker tends to crackle when I have it set to the last two highest volume settings.  Finally, my front facing camera is off center.  I have to hold my phone at a slight angle to center myself on the phone's display.  I am trying to exchange the phone within my 30 days but so far no luck in finding any Sprint Store that has it in stock.  Of course I am on multiple waiting lists.  I love the phone but definitely the HTC quality control is severely lacking as many have discovered.  My local Sprint Store rep told me they may get some more phones in next week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I am hoping to be able to get a phone that at least has only the light leak issue without the tiny pinhole and other problems I have already mentioned.  Wishing all the best for all of you with HTC Evo problems!  Please check your phones guys and let me know if you too have the tiny pinhole, earpiece speaker and front facing camera problem as well.  Thank you!


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