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Screen raising above the bevel


Screen raising above the bevel

who else is having this problem? is it gonna get worse?

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Hi corytrese. I feel compelled to comment on your post. I live 25 miles south of DC.  I have had 2 EVOs, one the day of launch, an exchange two days ago, with worse problems than the first. Both had, if you saw in a previous post, so much light leakage, I put electrical tape on the seams. Statistics can be manipulated anyway you see fit. Based on my experience, there is a 100% defective rate. Both screens are noticeably raised, with dust in a 2 day old phone already under the screen, and unreachable.  Based on your experience, none are defective. Here, in Northern Virginia, the Best Buys are getting an almost 100% detachment problem, and have listed all their customers for the "fixed" revision.  Incidentally, both my phones were examined by the top Sprint Corporate repair center in the tristate area.  You are frankly diminishing a very widespread problem. Perhaps the problem is geographical based on product distribution. I don't think CNN, NBC, the NY Times, Wired, and Fortune would televise a minute problem affecting only a few folks. On the contrary, I would think the chance of you getting 6 unaffected units is pure luck. Your situation skews the statistics, not the postings on this site. My comment, for what it is worth, is Count Your Blessings. Hop on over to the Community support forum at, and you will see a very extensive section on this problem.   Good luck with your phones.


any news?              


Ok I have to say I am pretty upset.  Before I got my evo june 17, I had to do alot of searching.  When I finally found one evo left at a BB 45 minutes away, I dropped everything and rushed down there, knowing very well that there was a slight possibility of this screen/light leakage issue occurring.  I had no idea it was this serious.  Anyway I love the evo itself, but alas on bottom side of my screen was loose and not level with the other side of the device.  Plus, there way the SMALLEST little bit of light leakage on the bottom.  I probably could live with the way it was, but from what I read is the IT GETS WORSE, so I took it back to BB today.  My original device was the 0002 Version by the way. So again, there was only 1 evo left at BB so I rushed down there, hoping that I would get lucky and get one of the non-affected units.  Once I did the exchange, before it was even activated, I could see that this evo's screen was WAY worse than the one I had.  I knew I would have to take this one back too, plus I felt bad not taking it since they held it for me while I drove there.  When I get home, I see that this is a 0003 Version.  Plus this one has terrible leakage on 3/4 of the sides and is quite glitchy in terms of basic performance.  How can 0003 be worse than 0002?

Honestly, I wanted a reason to get off sprint for years now.  I have been with them all my life, which is 7 years of service.  Their cell service is GREAT in my opinion, but their customer service is horrid.  So I waited until the new iphone release, but then checked out the best smartphones out there, and I found evo, which had MORE in my opinion than everything else including iphone.  Ok sprint you win again, YOU GOT ME! ........Again.  I just signed a contract and what's the first thing sprint does in response to my and many people's disappointment????  Well, they ignore us on THEIR  message boards, they pretend this isnt a huge issue, and they ignore the key people (ALL OF US) who waited/anticipated/preorded/sold-out the defective device which created this hype for all the other "Evo-less" people.

Honestly Sprint (and HTC) it's ok to make a mistake, REALLY IT IS!  Yet, when GOOD companies make a blunder, they properly, professionally, and honestly address the problem in a way that compensates (sometimes over compensates) the customer.  Unfortunately, Sprint wont do that, but at very least they can be HONEST with us on this message board, YOUR message board, about a realistic time frame for construction of corrected units.  Then, if that time frame doesn't fall in many of our 30 day trade in period, we should be eligible for sprint store WALK IN excahnge, NO LISTS!  You know it's a problem, why do we have to be put on a list?  You want to rectify a problem and provide customer satisfaction, and we are already being inconvenienced by having to trade it in (some multiple times), so why make us go through a list as well??? 

Sprint, you just got all these THOUSANDS of fresh 2 year signatures, or people as we like to be called, to jump on board with you and your company saving device, so you can at least treat us like we are valued (don't even get me started with the 10$ charge for nothing at this point in time for most people).  This summer has literally OODLES of groundbreaking smartphones, and you hit gold with Evo because it made most customers stick with you or abandon other carries to come aboard the evo flagship.  WE could have been with iphone 4, droid x, samsung galaxy s, droid incredible, this list goes on.  Treat us right, because RIGHT NOW, I wish I was on any other carrier again, due to...... SURPRISE! Customer service.

I wouldn't even be mad.  REALLY!  All I want is what all if your Evo customers with this problem want:

To be assured that...

1.  Not to worry

2. I will be handed a brand new properly built Evo as soon as they become available

Is that so hard?  (I didn't even ask for an apology)

Sorry for the rant, someone had to say it!


Where did everyone go?  I want to see if anyone feels the same as me.


more importantly, a response from a Sprint REP would be optimal.  Remember, all can be forgiven Sprint, but this is a great opportunity to make me a satisfied customer!


i guess they feel like people will stop talking about it (which it looks like they are) and hope noone's screen actually falls off


Well I won't.  I am really not the guy who like to send back his food, return purchaces, or complain for that matter.  Yet, im dont with the poor customer service.  If I have to return my phone every day for the remaining 3 weeks of my 30 day exchange policy, I will until I get a good unit.  Remember sprint.  You send out like 3 Evo's per shipment at best buy, so if I have to do this, Ill be keeping new phones out of new customer's hands, and you (nor I) want that.

Sprint, all I want is my problem addressed.  Please, I'm starting to seriously regret my decision to stay with you.  Above all, the phone I have now is 20X worse that my first trade exchange.  I just want to be assured I will be satisfied.....


Just to give you some perspective about how other carriers handle the problems that crop up with a new product, here's an excerp from an article regarding Apples new iPhone 4 and a problem with an antenae resulting in dropped calls. Gotta love Steve's answer...


So Apple has acknowledged that its brand new, revolutionary iPhone 4 has signal reception issues – because of the way the antennas are integrated into the stainless steel band that’s wrapped around the device.

The company doesn’t say when of if it intends to fix this, but it does provide a few solutions.

Apple’s official response on the matter:

Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. If you ever experience this on your iPhone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases.

Moreover, a user wrote an email directly to Steve Jobs, complaining that “when I put my hand on the steel bands I lose all reception.”

The answer: “Just avoid holding it that way.”

So what Apple is suggesting is that it’s actually users’ fault that their iPhone 4s have reception issues.


Here's the complete EnGadget article:

At least with the EVO's screen raising issue, you can still make calls and they won't drop cuz you're holding the phone wrong!




Thank you for contacting Sprint.  I apologize for the inconvenience that
you have experienced with the HTC EVO handset.

Sprint and HTC are aware of the wifi signal showing low strength and
that we are investigating root cause.
However, the other issues you are
facing are not known issues.

Both the HTC EVO handsets are within 30 day return policy.  The Sprint
30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee allows you to return a like-new phone to a
Sprint store or by mail. Phones purchased at other retailers, such as
Radio Shack, can be returned to that store.

Please call Order Support team to return the handset.  You can call them
at (866) 789-8292.  Alternatively, please visit the nearest Sprint-owned
Retail store.  While at the store, the following items will need to be

- The like new device in the original box with all components and
- A photocopy of the original packing slip.
- A state issued photo ID or driver's license.
- The purchasing credit card (if applicable). Please note that only the
person whose name appears on the purchasing credit card can return the
item to the store.

For your convenience, you may also return or exchange your device by
mail.  Please call 866-789-8292 to initiate the return process during:
Monday - Friday from 8 AM - 11 PM EST.
You will be asked to provide your e-mail address and account number to
the representative who will send you the required forms and instructions
by e-mail. Package the like new device in the original box with all
components and materials and include a photocopy of the original packing

We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to address your
concerns. Please reply to this email or visit if we
can be of further assistance.

Maverick S.

Original Message Follows:
Customer Name: xxxxxx
Sprint PCS Phone Number: xxxxxxxxx3
Account Number: xxxxxxxxxx9
Form: Ask A Question-Manage
Topic: Equipment
SUB Topic: General Inquiry
Original Question:
Question: Hi,
I am having 3 main issues with my new EVO :
1. The screen from the bottom of the phone is rising above the bezel.
2. There is noticeable amount light visible between the bottom of the
screen and bezel. (where the 4 buttons are located).
3. My wifi signal is always very low, even though I am in the same room
as my router.

These issue are happening on both the phone that I have. Since, these
are issue covered by the warranty, please provide a solution to these
issues or let me know how to exchange my phones.


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Really? not know? that is sad


..and their language politely suggests..."go and return it  if you have a problem, and buzz off"

Looking at Sprints response, I don't think they care about recognizing this as an issue, let alone fixing it.

Believe me, within no time there is going to be dust under the screen.


Hi all. At this point, no, I have not posted for a while, but I have read all the comments. Shaq, that is a canned response, obviously. Sprint has previously stated they are aware, and have recreated the problem in their lab. HTC has publicly admitted the defect. They called it "very minor". Irrelevant. A defect is a defect. There are not varying shades of, for lack of a better example, before my morning coffee, murder. Murder is murder. One does not 'slightly' murder someone. Retailers are continuing to sell known defective items.   When last I asked Sprint to jump in here, Will was kind enough to do so.  A personal example; I bought a car at night that, although I examined it thoroughly, in full sun, the car had acid rain pits in the paint. They were not even visible under fluorescent lights, which is the proper way to look at paint. Toyota, yes people, TOYOTA, repainted the entire car under warranty. It was in the shop 2 months, and, they put me in a rental the entire time.    Engadget reported this problem May 19. The EVO was sold with knowledge that it leaked light, at a minimum, since the raised screens were not apparent right away in rev. 0002. My rev. 0003 was much worse than the previous one, but since my first one was overheating and was rebooting constantly, I had to exchange it.  A customer is entitled to "the benefit of their bargain". That is law, period, federal and state. Nobody with this separation problem has received what they paid for, to date. A  return policy,  is predicated on the assumption that both sides of the initial bargain, or contract, have been met. A warranty does not start until a non-defective product is initially furnished. My contract renewal was based on the fact that I received a subsidized phone in exchange for 2 more years as a loyal customer. If  a non-defective phone cannot be furnished, the contract is void, otherwise a company enters into 'deliberate bad faith' , which no company ever wants to do, because the word 'deliberate' carries potentially huge punitive damages, far in excess of the simple cost of a phone.      Sprint and HTC, have not, in my experience,  previously engaged in this fraudulent practice. On the contrary, all peeling Heros were replaced, and mine was 10 months after purchase, and that silver peeling paint problem was trivial compared to this.  Do not think for one minute that either company is not scrambling to decide how to handle this. Obviously, the phones must be exchanged. I am pushing the bottom of my screen  down every half hour, or when the phone gets hot. It also really reflects poorly when I explain to people, when they ask, why my beautiful, dearly loved, EVO,  is wrapped in electrical tape.  This is the Flagship phone for both companies.  I have full confidence they will step up and, to use an overused phrase, 'do the right thing'.  Having been a happy Sprint customer for a very long time, I know that the electrical tape will not be on an EVO I own for very long.   Will, Wenga, or Sprint, please jump in, and reassure the customers, as I have endeavored to do, that Sprint does not abandon it's customers. The phones must be replaced. Sprint knows it, HTC knows it, and the entire public, since it has been broadcast everywhere, knows it.   Enough, all typos are the T9 programs fault, and all the above is my opinion solely, based on my personal experiences.


it's been a know issue for 2 weeks and barely a peep. at least apple to their credit put out a "solution" in what a day?

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