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Sending a Meeting Request (EAS only)


Sending a Meeting Request (EAS only)


When I create a meeting on my outlook and sync via HTC Sync, it is puts the appointment on my phone.

When I create a meeting on my phone I am presented with three choices.

My Calendar - keeps appointment local to phone and does not sync.

Gmail - Puts on my gmail, but not my pc.  (this allows me to invite others)

PC Sync - Puts on my pc as well.  (this does not allow me to invite others)

I need be able to create an appointment on my phone, invite others and sync the appointment from my phone to my outlook. I can't seem to find a way to do this other than a work around. The work around I have found is to create the appointment on the PC Sync calendar and then share it via vcalendar after selecting the newly created appointment. This work around does not update invitees with changes or deletions to the appointment and is an additional step I need to remember.

Any suggestions how to make this work better?

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Re: Sending a Meeting Request (EAS only)

Did you ever figure this out?  I am considering changing to the evo from my blackberry and had the seem question about whether I could invite to meetings.  Please let me know.


Re: Sending a Meeting Request (EAS only)

I have not found a solution to this. Still employing the work around thus far. I don't know if there is a different calendar app with the desired functionality I need. Have not had time to research and test.

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