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Set Web preferences


Set Web preferences

I am trying to use the App Internet (Browser) on the Evo 4G to access the Microsoft CRM Mobile Express program, the web site normally will request credentials (domain, user id, password) and then allow access, I am getting a 401 error (not authorized) instead and never being prompted for credentials. I tried loading the Opera Browser and got the same results. The Spiderss browser did in fact request my credentials but seems to lock up loading the site. I have changed every browser setting realated to stored sign on, cache, and passwords etc. but still cant get the browser to request credentials.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!!!!


Re: Set Web preferences

Download the "Dolphin Browser HD" from the market and see if it will, It is the best browser in the market in my and many others opinion.


Re: Set Web preferences

I installed the Dolphin HD browser......

Unfortunately I got the very same 401 "You are not authorized to view this page" error, again I cleared cache, passwords, etc but no luck..........

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