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Set up Sprint Mobile Hotspot on your HTC EVO 4G


Set up Sprint Mobile Hotspot on your HTC EVO 4G

Sprint does not make it clear that the only way to get this feature to work is to sign up for an additional $29.99 per month Hotspot plan. Nowhere in the instructions, on the phone, on the website, or tutorials do they make any reference to the need for this additional plan. I think it's misleading and frustrating. I spent an entire day trying to set it up folllowing all the instructions without success. I finally called customer service only to learn that this extra plan was required. They never told me this at the store when I bought the phone even when I asked if it could be used as a wireless hotspot. I'm afraid this phone has to go back as I thought I was going to save money over AT&T's $20.00 charge for the same thing on their soon to be released iPhone. Doesn't it seem unfair for them to charge extra for data that you are already paying for? It's only being redirected. I have wifi in my home, I don't have to pay to redirect the signal from the cable modem. I really don't see how it should be different for cellular service.


Re: Set up Sprint Mobile Hotspot on your HTC EVO 4G

I'm not happy to pay nearly $30 on a monthly basis for the ability to broadcast my data connection to another device. This is a deal breaker. I'm going to return the phone and go back to my Palm Pre. It doesn't require the $10 4G monthly premium fee either. Evo was a nice idea, but I'm not paying $40 more per month for the privilege.

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