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Since update my email sync stops working


Since update my email sync stops working

Every since I downloaded the new update my email stops syncing, along with Friends Stream Updates and Facebook. I have to power down and power back up 3 or 4 times a day due to sync errors.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Is Sprint or HTC going to release a fix for this?

I love my EVO and really need my email since I use my phone for work also, please respond!!!



Re: Since update my email sync stops working


I apologize you are experiencing these issues.  Try updating the data profile, that usually fixes these issues.  Go to Menu>Settings>System Updates>Update Profile.  If that doesn't solve the issue, please contact Tech Support at 888-211-4727 for further troubleshooting.

Did this help? If so please rate this post and mark your post as answered so others can refer to it quickly for solutions.


Re: Since update my email sync stops working

nhays74, thanks for the assistance however it didn't help. I have had to power off and back on several times since I updated my profile. I noticed that all data services quit working when this happens even though I have a great wifi signal, they just all lock up.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated along with if others are having this same problem since the new update.

Thanks again all!


Re: Since update my email sync stops working

Oky, since I didn't receive the answer I needed from Sprint,,,,,,I'll share what I have found on my own that hopefully solved the problem.

I sync three email account and FB, I was looking this morning at my sync settings and noticed that the stocks, news and weather were also syncing. These never used to be set to sync until after the maintenance update.

I turned the stocks and news off so they DIDN"T automatically sync and I am happy to say so far I have not had to power off and back on to reset my data services.

Sprint should really allow users to set their own accounts to sync and not what they want. Furthermore, why add crap like Nova and other useless applications that we cannot delete? I hope the new release allows removal of these unwanted apps.

One more thing, since the automatic update my battery was dying fast, recharging 2 times daily. Since I stopped the stocks and news from syncing my battery level seems to be better.

I would love to see a response from SPRINT to these items. Give the end user the opportunity to configure their phones to a way that is best suited to them, not Sprint!

Thank you!

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