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So many problems, only had phone 3 days...


So many problems, only had phone 3 days...

Ok, so I am having multiple issues, and have already had to wipe the device once, in a 48 hr time period.

I had to wipe it because, the google account I made specifically to be the default for the phone, all of a sudden became 'disabled'. I spent hours googling and found that it is a common problem.

Anyway, after not being able to get my Windows 7 64 bit PC to recognize the darn phone so I could back up the hours of personalization I did to my phone, I lost all of that stuff. (Can anyone give me SIMPLE instructions that include every step in getting my PC to recognize this thing?!)

Now, in my list of contact groups, there are two called 'VIP'. I don't know why. I opened the top one, and it's title changed from VIP (in main group page) to 'null' once opened. It won't let me delete it, and I tried adding contacts to it and renaming it, but I can't get it to go away!

Someone please PLEASE give me some hope for this phone, my contract with Sprint wasn't approved for an upgrade, so I literally shelled out $500 cash for this phone, which i'd LOVE to figure out and keep...but it's not looking so good.

Like I said, I've googled and read TONS of information, and the tips either didn't work, or I didn't grasp the directions. For instance, what is USB debugging?!

How do I add a yahoo email?

Why is it SO hard to hear people when talking on handset, unless I have it on speaker? I have the volume up as high as it can go, but I'm always asking people to please repeat what they've said because the quality of the call sucks.

Can I somehow sync the phone with outlook 2007? How about any other 2007 MS Office program? Access, One Note, Info Path etc...

What is sprint hotspot and it what instance should it be used?

What is a vpn?

I'd appreciate a push in the right direction.

Thanks everyone in advance for your help!

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