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Software Update Suggestion, When Adding Contacts...


Software Update Suggestion, When Adding Contacts...

On the HTC EVO, when adding a new contact and entering the phone numbers, the keypad that pops up does NOT display any LETTERS on the number keys. Therefore, when trying to enter a phone a number that is listed only with numbers and a few letters or a word, it is difficult to understand which numer to enter. For example, if the phone number you want to add is 1-800-555-WHAT, then when you get to the WHAT part of the phone number, how do you know which numbers to enter? The keys on the keypad when entering a new phone number should have the standard letters on each key. Please FIX this with a future software update!!!

Also, for anyone else reading this, try it out for yourself! This is a REAL problem!! Please support my suggestion and post your thoughts!! We are the people and we can get this issue fixed if we talk about it enough!! Please help!!!


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