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Solutions to Video calling


Solutions to Video calling

Just bought an Evo and switched to sprint. Being a new use to the Evo i was excited to explore video calling feature.

Right now it seems like the only option is Qik (preloaded) and Fring. Qik, seems to have its issues for me, and personally

I dont have any familiarity. I do have some experience with Fring, and now that I am with the evo I was excited to give it a try.

They have a new UI and first getting into it, it was looking awesome. Sadly I then found out that Skype is basically out of the

picture with Fring.  So now that Skype is not an option with Fring does anyone know of other solutions to making Video calls?

I am sure that everyone else is/was excited for this feature and hopefully more people on sprint know more about exploring this

feature then me. I was hoping to stir up more conversation of this feature, and like to hear more about whats in the works, or going

on with Evo's Video calling feature.

Long story short, Can I hear any body's opinions on this matter.


IMHO video calling has essentially been put on hold. Until a app comes out that allows cross platform and phone to pc calls then we are not going to see much .  The Fring app with SKYPE support was making its way but without SKYPE it will came to a halt.  You only have to look at the user reviews to see the frustration that people had when SKYPE was pulled.

SO essentially the first app to fit the task will be the "app to have"


I agree with you Dayvedayve,

Been doing more research to see exactly what is out there. There seems to be very little out there in the market.

Considering that VOIP is a brand new feature into the US phone industry, IMO Sprint should have done more

research, and looked to what other providors have been using overseas. But like you said, its been put on hold.

but i imagine Evo's video phone will be that spark that ignites the rest of the industry. not saying that its their idea.

Only that it helps get the ball rolling. I Guess thats the bitter part of being the "First to have".

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