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Sprint Bloatware, NOVA Kindle Blockbuster


Sprint Bloatware, NOVA Kindle Blockbuster

I as a customer am very upset with this intrusive marketing campaign.  I simply went to update my phone thinking it would only be a firmware update, and low and behold all this junkware got installed with no ability to remove it (no warning about what would be installed.).  Reconsidering having Sprint as my smart phone solution if they are going to not going to remove these applications as soon as possible.

I would like someone from Sprint to answer what can be done about this intrusion.  I am going to contact major networks such as ABC, NBC, FOX, Yahoo, and any other's that I can think of for them to do a news topic on this intrusion if I cant get some answers as to how to remove these pieces of software that were installed with no ability to remove them, as well as providing no advance warning to the consumer when they are just updating the phone via the firmware button.

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