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Sprint HTC EVO phone stuck in a loop


Sprint HTC EVO phone stuck in a loop

I've had my EVO  since 08/5/10...... I took it back to the Sprint Store within the first 10 days due to what the service tech described as a corruption of a file.  After the tech reset the phone, I noticed that it was still rebooting at odd hours of the day. The phone would freeze up,  the speakerphone wouldnt work........ I would never receive my call waiting notice and the list goes on.  This evening, the phone reboots continuously. I contacted Spint and after being on the phone with them, nothing was resolved. Was advised to go back to the Sprint store.

So far, I am disappointed with this phone.  I am unable to make any judgement on the phone because nothing is working.   I can no longer deal with this phone. Perhaps this is a defective one.   I will give them another try ...... And quite frankly, the 30 day close should reactivate when you are having a problem with a new phone...... I know thats a moot point..... but this is very frustrating.  All the hype on this phone and the wait for finally get one and the phone is a dud..... At least mine is.


Re: Sprint HTC EVO phone stuck in a loop

okay... took phone to local corporate store for the second time... after a 45 minute wait, the Tech comes out and tell me that I downloaded infected files and this caused a memory leak.... They had to do a hard reboot of the phone.......Now, I admit.... I did sign onto Google, Sprint Navigator and Facebook. But no other site.   The tech said don't use them.

Several friends and family members that have the EVO stated that they have Facebook on their phone and no problems are occurring....

If this phone has a memory leak, isn't it defective.  Well anyway, brought the phone home and guess what, its doing the same thing again....But, so far its rebooted only once in the last 3 hours......

I am still witin the 30 day return period, is there anyone I can call at Sprint and have them send me out a new phone. I have a feeling this phone is going to cause me problems


Re: Sprint HTC EVO phone stuck in a loop

Take it back and let them know it's doing it again and maybe they will exchange it for you.  It's at each store's discretion, so good luck!

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