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Sprint stole my micro USB port!


Sprint stole my micro USB port!

So this weekend I started experiencing what I have recently been reading about in discussion boards. My micro USB port started to malfunction on my HTC EVO and I couldn't get a steady charge. Well today my EVO finally decided it wasn't going to charge anymore. So I took my phone to my nearby Sprint store with a repair technician (40 miles away). They told me before taking it to the back that either:

1) the micro USB port became unsoddered from the motherboard and if so, they would replace it for free with insurance (which I have), or

2) the micro USB port completely broke from the motherboard and I would have to file a claim and pay $100 to replace the phone

After 2 hours of waiting they finally told me that the micro USB port had broken from the motherboard (of course the more expensive of the two). They did not actually show me that that had happened; I had to take their word on it because they had put my phone back together. And instead of leaving the micro USB port, they took it! Well, according to the technician it "fell out".

Really?!? It didn't fall out when the sales person who first helped me plugged in her charger to make sure my phone was indeed not accepting a charge. But somehow when it got to the back it miraculously fell out. What's to say the technician didn't just pop it off so they didn't have to give me a new phone? Even my car dealership will show me my air filter when it needs replacing to show me that indeed it needs to be replaced.

Now normally I'm not one to complain but I've been a Sprint customer well over 10 years and have had NO ISSUES with Sprint service or products UNTIL NOW. My only issue in the past with repair was simply replacing a trackball on my Blackberry which was a quick and pleasant experience.

In the meantime I've had to file the claim and pay the $100 to get my phone replaced, which normally they would ship overnight but this phone is on backorder for 5-7 days! I use my phone both for personal use and work so what am I supposed to do until then?

Does Sprint not have a better way of dealing with a faulty issue on a phone instead of making us file a claim, pay $100, and send back a phone that doesn't even have all its parts because Sprint kept the part that was broken???


Sprint stole my micro USB port!

I would for sure hit up customer service or that stores manager.  You have a been a customer for so long that one isolated incident should be handled well.  It is not your fault it stopped working and i seriously doubt it disconnected from the motherboard.  I would tell them you returned the phone to me in worse condition then when i brought it in and that you have no idea if the technician broke it and just didn't want to admit their mistake.


Sprint stole my micro USB port!

You might want to check out some of the other threads about this same issue. Might give you a better idea on how to approach this and if its more of a defect than a operator error.

Usually if you come back into a thead like this it will have some related threads on the right side of the page. scan through some of those.

good luck

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