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Sucker fee? $10 Fee


Sucker fee? $10 Fee

I am thinking about the $10 charge for the privilege of obtaining an Evo.  I am guessing in a few months, when sales drop  or later in 2010 when V's 4G network gets turned on, then Sprint might drop the $10 charge.  That would mean we would all be stuck with the $10/month for 2 years in our contract, while new customers would have no such fee. If that happened what would our recourse be?

I just realized that it would be cheaper to pay for the phone outright with upgrade and MIR, and not sign a 2 year contract if it were to happen that the $10 fee got dropped.

I am going to have to think about this a bit.  Any thoughts from the rest of you?

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well fudge-it.  i don't mind paying the extra a month.  although i may have to change my plan around so that i can pay for the hotspot and the extra 10 a month.  sounds like i need the $69.99 data plan or something


Dont get me wrong, alot of people will get still get the phone BUT not as many as anticipated. This phone WITHOUT the 10.00 Had the potential to reach over a million+ Subscribers, and sprint once again screwed it up. I really hope they change this fee, if they really want to succeed. They actually had the potential to knock the next new Iphone out of the water for good. The equation was perfect for them


now they converted that into:

DECEITFULPLAN+AWESOMEPHONE=? I'll let you figure that 1 out Sprint...


I think most probably would not mind if EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER was able to get it for $199.  But those that are stuck paying full price has to pay even more


yeah it does suck paying full price.  that's pretty much $500 right there.  but i mean....for new customers and upgraders, the price is $199.  whether upgraders believe it or not, there is a way to pay $199 and that's if you go through Best Buy or a retailer that does not fool around with rebates.  this happened to me last year when i got the Blackberry Tour International phone.  I didn't have to full around for a rebate like I did for the Rant.


What is $10 you ask?  Its $240.00 extra you have to pay for a 2 year contract that is for using more data on a plan that is supposed to be unlimited data.  I know there is a lot of garble about the premium data service being for different things and i dont want to get into that but in regards to your restaurant analogy it doesnt make sense with the topic.  I would argue that this fee is like a penalty for wanting a decent phone that works well with what sprint has to offer.  Ive had a sprint instinct for 2 years and when i bought the service and phone i was told how great and fast and blah blah it was and it does an ok job with getting on line to some websites etc but with video and speed its crap and as a consumer i expect more from a company that I pay $70/month ($1680.00/2yr contract) for a supposed quality service.  Consumers should demand more for their money and not give in to ridiculous fees like this.  Here is an analogy for you, say you have a job negotiated the pay and after a couple years they give you newer computer to do you job but in return for this computer you have to take a cut in your pay because your job will be more enjoyable.  see my point.


Ive held a Blackberry $70 buck a month "EVERYTHING" data plan for 2 years now.

I go to upgrade my phone to the EVO, and come to find that Sprint has snuck in something theyr caling a "premium data" plan costing an additional $10 bucks / month on top of my already $70 buck a month "EVERYTHING" data plan.

What part of "EVERYTHING" data doesnt sprint understand here?

How can they justify adding 10 dollars / month to my bill for "additional data" when im paying for something called an "everything data" plan?

I emailed Dan@sprint.com to express my complaints about this; a customer service rep got back to me after 2 days and basically told me to F*#@* myself.

When i said that I wasnt happy about this the customer service rep asked me if I wanted to be transfered to the account cancelation department.

This is an awesome way to treat your customers here Sprint.. tack on some bogus "additional data" fee; then tell us to cancel our service if were unhappy.

Metro PCS here I come!

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I was reading everything was posted here, and belive me, I do understand where you guys come from, money is money. Just think for a moment. Look at the Verizon's plans (since most of you had mention it) at least to say almost double that of SPRINT. 3G - 4G issue and the extra charge, think about at&t you get your i-phone, you have to pay extra $20 for 200mb and goes up from that (and that is just 3G service).

I was checking my usage of data since I got EVO, I had use almost 7 times more with EVO. (if I was with AT&T that was going to make spend some serious cash). I know nowdays everyone only sees $$$$ signs all over the place, but stop and think WHY, is it worth it? Maybe because I'm being spoiled on a 4G network, I think it is, are there stupid fees asociated with services we use everyday??? HELL YEAH.

Comparing to the other networks, I think SPRINT has the best prices (not counting Metro PCS, or other networks that if cross the road you are roaming). They have fixed every problem I had with one call, from plan prices, to service issues. BUT THAT IS JUST MY OPINION. 

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.

There was recently a thread regarding a 4G class action lawsuit recently filed against Sprint in California.

The court papers can be viewed at:


This link was provided in another thread by: randy2494.

Another person (AndroidEpicOrEvo) then posted: "Wow! I'm even more surprised by the fact that the sprint mods haven't deleted this post yet, LOL!

A Sprint employee: halcyonmdr117, with 2,972 posts since Dec. 9, 2007, then replied,

"Posts are not deleted unless they are blatant spam or entirely consist of bad language. Bad language in and of itself is just edited out by the moderators if you attempt to bypass the word filter, the actual context of the thread remains. In most cases when posters claim threads are deleted, they were simply moved by a mod to a more correct area, when a thread is moved there is no notice in the old forum that it was there, hence the jump to the idea it was deleted."

After the above reply was posted in the thread in question, On 10/18/10 @ 09:48am I received an email from Sprint: "Email Alert for Rejected Content" "Hello,

You have received this email because the content you posted below has been rejected by our moderators:

Subject: 4G Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Sprint. Beginning of the end?"

This thread will now disappear because the the mere mention of the lawsuit.


Shinjifei wrote:

bgreenwood - "I will be leaving for VZ more than likely if this happens. We'll see how sales go for Sprint."

So you will leave sprint and pay more on Verizon???!?!

The people on this message board are insane.

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Ok Sprint GOD, we get it. Everytime someone makes a post about switching carriers, you don't have to use multiple accounts to jump on and say things like that ^

That seems to be sprints ONLY selling point, "well it sucks but you would pay more at any other carrier"

Maybe weshould pay more to actually get a service we are paying for. If you think you can go around nickling people and use that excuse as a backup for when they complain, then it's blatant you don't intend on providing us a reliable service.

I honestly never had a dropped called, missed text message, or not being able to make a call until I switched to Sprint from Verizon service. Yeah in the beginning you're saving more money, but think about all the money you lose to their subpar service.

Honest to god, the only reason I'm with Sprint is for the employee family discount, which I was just informed that my bill would double AND have to add this $10 fee when I switch phones.

Once these changes are actually implemented I'll start looking for another carrier, and I'm not really doubting they would either. Just like how the TSA is about to start patting people down to the skin and decide not to talk about it a lot, which btw is going to apply to ANYONE entering the terminal. When it drops, they WILL lose customers, just as Sprint will.

jonathan_sprint_88 wrote:

OK so like..........I'm really tired of the whole $10 fee talk.  It's really plain and simple.  If you do not wish to dish out the extra $10 for the 4G service (which is only applicable IF you have the EVO AND LIVE IN A 4G COVERED AREA), then don't pay it.  Don't upgrade it.  It's all a matter of paying for what you get.  I'm sure you wouldn't go to an expensive restaurant to dine-in and only expect to pay $15 for your meal.  No.  When you go to eat, you expect great service.  You spend about $35-$40 for two people for your dine-in meal.  IF (and only) your service was extraordinary, superb, stupendous, you'll dish about $10-$15 as a tip for the outstanding service you received.  This is the same thing.  This phone is coming out and it's supposed to be pushing out the best and fastest speeds in America.  Of course, to keep up with the maintenance of the technology, some kind of tax or charge is going to be imposed.  It's expected.  I mean come on.  This company spends plenty of dollars to make sure that you, the customer, is treated like royalty and they assist you in any AND every way possible.  So what's $10???  Oooooooh!  Get over it and make up your mind to either upgrade and enjoy the fantastic features this phone has to offer or stay with the current phone you have.  Sheesh!!

You obviously don't know how this "technology" works, just eating up when they tell you it's necessary for what you are receiving. They've had better phones out for longer (not in USA market obviously) so the notion that the fee is completely necessary for "maintenance" is just flat out retarded. There is no maintenance, if you really think the Evo has such advanced "technology" in it to condone this fee then go visit a hardware forum and watch them laugh you out.

I think it's halarious when people reference the Evo's specifications as "Ahead of the Curb", go read a wiki on processors and how they actually come together.

TKD had the better analogy, cept I would have said you are taking the cut because your work is now faster and easier. (Sprint's general idea behind the fee)

One thing I think is great throughout this whole ordeal is what I'm told from Sprint on the forums and their website, versus what they say to me in the store. I sware to whatever Sprint believes in, it's EXACTLY like I'm visiting 2 different stores. They both contradict and disagree with each other so often I feel like I'm not even visiting the same place.

I come here, they tell me the store is wrong.

I go there, they generally tell me "Well idk why they told you that, but it's actually *blank*".

When the fee dropped, my local store straight told me it's for 4G, claim that every customer is told that it is for 4G, AND that they are aware 4G isn't available in this area, but you STILL have to pay it for the phone. I asked them about the CEO claims about 4G and how this virtually contradicts them, they were not aware of any such claim being made.

I feel silly when I go there to actually get clarity on what Sprint Reps say online, and they treat me like some drunk just babbled it to me minutes earlier.

Oh and you should have seen what happened when I mentioned the current class action suit. The rep got a silly smirk, ACTUALLY called over a few more reps, and after repeating what I just told him, they all laughed hysterically. According to my local Sprint Store, they are VERY confident that Sprint will win.

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