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Switching phones Palm Pixi to Evo 4G


Switching phones Palm Pixi to Evo 4G

I currently have a palm pixi which I am very unhappy with; however, like many people I am 10 months from my contract being up with Sprint and they discontinued the early phone activation discount.  Next summer I want to leave Sprint and change providers or at least have that option. I have a friend who will sell me their Sprint EVO 4G phone. Is this pretty easy to activate the phone? My only concern is the extra $10 charge for 4G. Will I have to renew my contract? Is there anything else I should be forewarned about besides making certain the phone is not stolen or has an oustanding balance? It is just a matter of having the ESN number right? I would appreciate your help. Thanks!


Re: Switching phones Palm Pixi to Evo 4G

There should be no problem activating the EVO 4G on your account, aside from the standard stuff (account in good standing as so forth). My daughter just activated my old EVO 4G on her line and is still eligible for upgrade in Feb 2012. So no contract extension only added $10 premium data fee.

Hope this helps


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