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Synchronize your HTC EVO 4G to your computer

HTC Sync allows synchronization between your phone and computer. You can find  the latest version of HTC Sync, instructions and drivers for your HTC EVO™ 4G on our download site.

  1. Go to our EVO download site
  2. Select the HTC Sync Upgrade software and click More Details
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select Download
  4. A pop-up box will ask you to either Save or Cancel the download; choose  Save and save it to your computer desktop
  5. Once the download is saved, double-click the file that was saved; when the  dialog box appears, click Run
    • Note: Close all running programs and temporarily exit your anti-virus  program before you install HTC Sync
  6. Once install is complete, from your computer, launch HTC Sync, and  use the USB cable to connect your EVO to your computer. Note: If the  phone is not connected to the computer there will be a sync failure.
  7. On your EVO, check Notifications on the status bar for the icon to  confirm if HTC Sync recognizes the phone.     
    • Note: You may have to change the USB connection type on your EVO. To  do this, pull down the Notifications bar, touch the screen where it says  Select to change USB connection type, tap HTC Sync and tap  Done.
  8. The first time you synchronize the phone, the Synchronization Settings  Wizard will start automatically to help you set up HTC Sync. Note: If  the Synchronization Settings Wizard does not start, click Synchronize now on the HTC Sync screen. After the first time, to start syncing your phone to  your computer, pull down the Notifications bar on the phone and tap  Synchronize your phone with Windows to connect to the computer
  9. On your computer, follow the instructions to finish the wizard on the HTC  Sync screen

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