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Text messages suddenly gone!


Text messages suddenly gone!


I just went to go check my phone and all my messages have disappeared!!!! I had an alert from a Sprint message I had recieved, and when I went to go read it...BAM, all my messages are gone, I didn't even see what the Sprint message was!?!

If anyone has experienced this problem/glitch please let me know.

Thanks so much! 🙂


Text messages suddenly gone!

This totally just happened to me today!... I didn't get any messages from sprint but i went to send a message to someone who i already had a feed for and when i touched messages it just kept saying loading so i pressed home and then went to open my messages again and they were all gone! i tried to restart my phone but so far nothing has helped... did you figure out how to make them come back? or has anyone else had this problem?



Text messages suddenly gone!

same thing happened to me.  called sprint, they told me they're gone for good.  nothing they can do.


Text messages suddenly gone!

You might want to check out some of the apps you have downloaded. Its always  possible something like that might be doing it. Did it happen after you downloaded a app possibly? If so then that might be the answer...Then again i might be way off..

Also are you running a app killer? Apps like that seem to have a effect on the system since the phone already does that itself.

Good luck though.

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