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The HTC EVO4 is a game changer for sure. Forget the iphone!


The HTC EVO4 is a game changer for sure. Forget the iphone!

I finally go the HTC EVO4 and I must admit it is definitely a game changer in the smartphone market. I had the chance to play with the iphone and even though the UI is consumer friendly along with its apps, the features the EVO carries definitely competes, if not even out performs the iphone in a lot of areas. Compounded with apple's proprietary software and syncing issues, down with the iphone and I'll tell you why from a personal standpoint.

First, I see a lot of people complaining about Sprint not having the latest phones when in truth, you have it right under your nose. That's why you don't see it. We need to be independent thinkers and determine what you need before getting the phone. Don't go with the wave. Lead, not follow!

Second, just as Sprint has value for money, At&t features hot phones (iphone perhaps??), Verizon claims it is their network, and T-mobile just goes with the flow to jack you up when they can to make money. You choose what's best. My pocket book is #1 so I go with Sprint. With the exception of once when I went to Hume, VA I have had service over 95% of the time since I joined Sprint in 2001. Sprint has always taken the lead to first come out with things like "no long distance", "free after 7pm weekdays", "everything plan", and so forth. Down with who you can and can't text, limited data plans, paying extra for overage minutes for mobile-to-mobile and/or data, free in-network as opposed to nationwide, call me after 9pm, and the list goes on. Sprint, you just rock with the everything data plan and no one beats Sprint.

Now, to the HTC EVO4, I won't go into the details because for those of you who have one, you know the phone rocks. Here are my favourites:

1. I LOVE Google and everything they do. In fact, Google thinks just like me. With all the features along with the Android platform, if you love Google, this is the phone for you.

2. The bluetooth function syncs seamless with my headunit to play music and talk on the phone. My previous blackberry just sucked. It drops out after one music and no one hears me when I talk with bluetooth.

3. A lot of practical apps. It is not the quantity, but the quality. besides, how many apps will you be using in a month? 10, 20, 30, 40,.....certainly not a 1,000.

4. I just love the 4G and watching video is like flipping your TV channel. Even at 3G speeds, it is much decent than say the blackberry. Even though I was craving for the BB Torch at first, once I started playing with it at the AT&T store, is all seems de ja vu. The same old package wrapped in an enigma to make it appear like a mystery and with BB's 624MHz vs. the EVO's 1GHz, there is absolutely no competition. The EVO wins hands down. Believe, I suffered a lot.

4. The EVO sucks juice on the OEM 1500mAh battery. I got the 3500mAh battery the very next day and what a difference. It last over 6 hours with heavy use and the screen on full bright. I now have it on auto and I can go two days before charging plus I now have an extra battery of 2-3 hours of reserve capacity just in case.

Well, please comment on the game changer and share your stories so others would know that there are very good other phones like the HTC over iphone. Even engadget has the EVO 9/10, same as the iphone and I take those folks seriously. Along with all of the other features, this is least for 2010.

HTC EVO, you rock very solid.


Re: The HTC EVO4 is a game changer for sure. Forget the iphone!

Time to ditch the iPhone as Android is the future: Telstra

Telstra’s chief technology officer, Dr Hugh Bradlow, has issued a warning to IT departments country-wide: be wary of standardising on the iPhone as Android is the future of the smartphone.

Speaking at an Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) roundtable on mobility in the financial services sector, Bradlow said that while the iPhone was a “great device”, it was not the only device.

“The fact is that Android [based handsets] are now outselling the iPhone – there are actually more Android devices in the market than there are iPhones in the market. It is equally capable,” he said. “More importantly it is an open eco-system, so it is being adopted by many manufacturers.

“What you will see over the next year is a huge drop in the cost of these devices, so you will see the smartphone penetration in places like Australia going up to 50 per cent of the market, and that will really transform [the market].”

Need I say more?

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Re: The HTC EVO4 is a game changer for sure. Forget the iphone!

I have the EVO and I love it, just doesnt feel right what I read here. I think there is phone for everyone, one might like EVO, another one I-Phone, and another one maybe a Blackberry, but u can't just put the other phones down, specialy with those reasons that you gave, just because you might had a defective device doesn't mean that all of them are bad.

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.
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