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The software update (1.47.651.1) killed my EVO!!


The software update (1.47.651.1) killed my EVO!!

After this update my phone started to reboot every few minunts. Brought it to the near by Sprint Service Center. The top tech says that happening a lot. Anyone else with this death software update?

The best fix is to ship it back to whom I bought the EVO from and wait for more to come in! Now to get Sprint not to charge me the $10 a month for the time I'm without my EVO.

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Re: The software update (1.47.651.1) killed my EVO!!

I upgraded OK with most of EVO urgent problems solved. On 3G it now lasts well and much longer on 4G. If they would make it last more 3 times longer on 4G (almost equal to 3G) also and somehow managed to get 30 fps on camcorder HD video i'd probably not complained at all.

What surprised me that this was just 21 MB (!) update but it took 20 min (!!!!) to install it. I remember that my  battery or patience "discharged" during that time.  Some people rebooted EVO ( the dumb HTC engineers  did not expected this?)  and now Sprint has a lot of problems.

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