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Trouble setting up work email microsoft owa with evo


Trouble setting up work email microsoft owa with evo

I am having trouble setting up my work email on my evo. I was able to send and receive on my nextel blackberry no problem. I managed to get my evo to receive emails, but I could not send out. (Gmail works great) I tried deleting the account and setting it up again. I keep getting "your microsoft exchange server account does not have permission to synchronize with your current settings." I know my server address and domain name and such is correct. I can't even get it to let me view them again. My work uses microsoft outlook web access. Can someone help? I've found ton of stuff out there saying yes and no and bashing sprint or the evo. There must be a way to set it up, it's too popular of a phone and email for them not to be compatible. Thanks for help!

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Re: Trouble setting up work email microsoft owa with evo

BIS or BES (what was used on the Blackberry) is a different setup than ActiveSync.  That error indicates you may not have the ActiveSync permission flag on your Exchange account.

Check with your Messaging admin team to see if you need to have ActiveSync permissions set for your Exchange account.

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