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Unable to Setup Hotmail on EVO


Unable to Setup Hotmail on EVO

Did anyone else have any problems adding their hotmail accounts to their EVO? I get an authentication failure error everytime I try to do it and I have verified that my username and password are correct. I was able to setup my yahoo account with no problem. Thanks for any help I can get on this one!


Those settings worked for me. Thanks.


Hotmail can now sync via EAS or as we've been doing it for awhile, POP.  I'm still on POP config and I have no problems.  It syncs on the phone and computer without having to go back and forth.  I never noticed any outage on hotmail/EVO...but I don't send a lot via Hotmail, so that may have been it.


I just got my Evo yesterday.

I am feeling it out and making sure it does everything my Hero did and more.  It's quite nice, however, I can't get it to synch with Hotmail.

I am not getting an error message when setting it up.  I did the settings suggested here and it goes to the Inbox, but there's nothing there.

I refresh it and nothing.

Anyone have any suggestions?   I set it up as a Pop account and used the settings suggested on this thread and nothing. I've deleted and tried again.  It won't recognize my hotmail if I try to set it up as an Exchange Active Synch, and on my Hero, it set up with Pop settings.

Any help?


I got my EVO last week and notice that through POP it does not sync with my account on the computer. So I have to double-delete everything. Can Sprint or EVO please explain how to use the ActiveSync feature for non-Gmail users???


If you want to delete emial permanently and not see them on your PC, you have to go into the mail settings on the EVO and check the box that says Delete on Server.

Brand new EVO, got the email working THANK YOU for the settings TLS Port 587!  However, when I go into settings, I get a ForceClosure.  I like the new phone, and the apps are very robust, but if this keeps up, I'm going to root with FRESH ROM which worked well on my HTC Hero.



The standard EVO email client does not work with Hotmail Activesync.  I downloaded "Improved Email" by mtwebster from the Android Market.

Email Address:                    yourname @ hotmail.com, yourname @ live.com (without the spaces)

Password:                          email password

Select Manual Setup, Exchange

Domain\Username              \yourname @ hotmail.com or \yourname @ live.com (without the spaces)

Password:                          same as above, should already be filled out

Server:                              m.hotmail.com

Use secure connection        check

Accept all SSL certs          check



I have been able to get the HTC Mail client working on my EVO.  Thanks to this forum mail does work out-of-the-box with the following settings:

Email Address: your @msn.com address

User Name: same as your email address

Password: same as on your PC

Incoming server: pop3.live.com, SSL, port 995

Outgoing server: smtp.live.com, TLS, port 587

When I finally got the settings correct the mail client sync’d up fine, but then if I tried to change any of the mail settings it would give me a Forced Closure error.  I had to go in and clear data, clear cache, etc., deleting the account in the process, then re-entering the information.  It is working as well as it did on my HTC Hero.  Of course the only folders are Inbox, Outbox, Sent and Trash, but that’s all I want on the phone.  If I need more, I use the Internet access on the EVO and navigate to the Windows Live Mobile site to use the full "thin client".

Hope this helps someone.



Okay guys I've tried looking this up everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.  I have done EVERYTHING you have suggested regarding the manual setup, pop3.live.com, 995 on the port, etc., and NOTHING is working.  I continue to get the "authentication failed, verify your username/password".  I took it to the Sprint store and the problem is not with my phone.  the tech tried to set it up on another Evo and got the same problem.  I have been on the phone with Microsoft for TWO HOURS today alone and they continue to transfer me to a non-working line or to another customer support rep who "understands my problem and would like to help me by transferring me to...blah blah blah"....I have submitted a request to Microsoft Mobile Live support or whatever it's called.  This mess has given me a headache.  all i want to do is use my msn.com email on this phone like I could 4 days ago before it all of a sudden stopped working.  In every forum I've read, it states that some people's msn.com email just miraculously started to work again after several weeks of being without it.  I swear I can't take this too much longer.  Please someone help me out of my God forsaken misery!


There is another option.  Go to your Windows Live account, click on Mobile, and click on Get Windows Live for your phone.

It will setup your Windows Live Email in your browser so it's the same as being onlineThe only thing missing is an alert when email is received.

All I can say is that the key for me was to make sure in the setup that I selected TLS port 587 for outgoing email.  If you call Sprint tech support have them escallate it to advanced tech support, be persistent, ask to speak with a supervisor, pack a lunch, bring plenty of patience, and call from a landline. Always get a case number, normally it's your cellphone number.

Good luck!

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