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Using PDAnet


Using PDAnet

I have an EVO 4G and I was using PDAnet to tether the internet to my laptop, when I realized my trial was up after 14 days. I was reading somewhere that you could use the bluetooth feature as opposed to actually connected the phone up to the computer with the USB-cable and the computer would not need to have PDAnet downloaded onto it for it to work. My question is if PDAnet isn't downloaded on my laptop will PDAnet know I didn't buy it and will it work? Because PDAnet only expired on my laptop.. As an app I don't think it expires.. And if I can hook it up via BLUETOOTH do I need to download something to my laptop to make it bluetooth compatible because I can't seem to do it manually searching for a device.

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Using PDAnet

Using PDANet or any other means to tether your phone to a PC is against the contract, In order to use your phone to tether Sprint requires you to purchase the Sprint Mobile HotSpot add on for $29.99 p/m or you can add/remove it from your account page and only be charged for days activated at about $1p/d.

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Using PDAnet

I'd suggest contacting the developer of the app for app support.  Sprint does not support third party apps.

And Levi is right -- using tethering without paying for it can result in fees, penalties or account termination.



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Using PDAnet

Interesting, since it was an employee at Sprint store who recommended I try it.

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