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Vibration settings are not working.


Vibration settings are not working.


I got my Evo, and everything was fine until 2 days ago where it randomly stopped vibrating.

I cannot, for the life of me, get it to vibrate when recieving a text. I checked all the settings and Google'd this issue repeatedly and nothing has helped. It won't even Vibrate when I put it in Vibrate mode. I get the LED light when I get a text (when in Vibrate mode) but that's it.

It vibrates when I get calls and it does that little Vibrate when I go to put it in Vibrate but other than that, I get no other vibration.

I even got the HandCent App to see if it vibrates with that and still, nothing.

Nothing else is wrong (except battery life but that's not to much of an issue) with the phone, I just cannot get it to vibrate at all.

Any tips? Please?

Thank you.


My evo just stopped vibrating no matter what the setting. I installed sound manager and other programs related that we're recommended and still nothing. I un-installed any new programs and did a hard restart, still nothing. Any suggestions.

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