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Visual Voicemail

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Visual Voicemail

My visual voicemail stopped working! Also when someone does leave me a voicemail, there is no notification to tell me to call my voicemail.

When I try to open the visual voicemail, it says "The application Voicemail ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

I have restarted my phone, but still nothing. (my phone is not rooted).

Does anyone else have this issue?


Re: Visual Voicemail

Hello and thank you for using Communities to report this issue.  If the error doesn't clear from rebooting your phone, this typically means the application is corrupt or is not launching properly for various other reasons like low memory. 

Here are some things you can try ~

  • Pull your battery, sometimes turning the phone off or restarting is not actually shutting the phone down completely. 
  • Check your internal memory ~ Home - Menu - Settings - SD and phone storage - "Internal memory free."  Needs to be above 40MBs. 
  • Clear data for the app in the error message ~ Home - Menu - Settings - Applications - Manage Applications - All - "vnotes." - Clear data.   Not sure this app is related to visual voicemail but maybe another app that's intergrated with it. 
  • If it's still failing ~ the last resort is a hard reset, erasing all information not stored to your SD card, Gmail, or Facebook. 

Let us know,



Re: Visual Voicemail

So it seemed that I had to go for the last resort, as I tried everything else before I had to perform the hard reset. Anyways, I did the hard reset and now everything seems to be working perfectly. Thanks!

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