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Warehouse and Distribution workers...


Warehouse and Distribution workers...

I ordered two EVOzz  on Friday the 4th and they were shipped today the 7th complete with UPS tracking number. I would just like to extend my appreciation to the workers who I know are busting their *sses  for Sprint and their customers, espicially the returning customers, on getting these orders processed. I hope that other EVO customers take time out quickly to thank the guys and gals who are getting these fantastic devices to us in a timely manner. Again thanks. .

A quick side note: the $10 fee for 4g to me is of no consequence if the WIMAX works as it should. I am in the coverage area and looking forward to testing the network.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Thanks for the kind words!  I've sent your note up the food chain to get to the people doing the heavy lifting making things ship on time!

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

I would like to offer my thanks to the Warehouse folks, as well as the customer service folks involved with my order. I was a nervous nelly and called several times to check on the order. I ordered before 0800 on Friday and had a tracking number Sunday. My phone was awaiting me when I got home from work yesterday.

Sprint and their employees handled this one very well. Thanks again!

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