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Whats going on with Sprint?


Whats going on with Sprint?

I have been a LOYAL sprint customer for over 8 years.  My wife has been with sprint for even longer.  I didnt play all the games back in the mid 2000's with all the cell phone companies.  I stuck with them because they put out a superior product.  Well, that has changed.  I was first in line to get the EVO 4G.  It was going to be the iPhone killer.  And it was a great phone at first, but it just seems like everything has gone out the window.

I moved, and upon moving, i needed an airrave.  No big deal.  Problem is the airrave doesnt really help.  Phone still drops calls.  And even worse, it sends the same texts 12 times.  People call me back yelling because they get same text over and over.  I am afraid to text from my house.  I am also afraid to call from anywhere else.  It drops all the time.  The data is so slow.  Always testing against other people, and I NEVER win.  Never.  And then the kicker, i still dont have the new Android marketplace on my phone.  Nor does my wife.

I wouldnt have a problem with it.  However, sprint always seems to have an excuse.  Its a faulty airrave.  We'll send you a new one.  We are upgrading our towers nationwide.  Your home internet connection is unstable.  Android is responsible for pushing out the marketplace update.  Thats whats really upsetting.  Two customers with over 8 years of loyalty.  Probably close to 20 years combined.  Thousands of dollars without much of a complaint.  And this is how i am treated.  I am paying for a service, and not getting what i pay for.  Am have reached a point where i dont want to call anymore, because i know the response.  I dont want to exchange my airrave.  I dont want to exchange my phone.  Stop looking for excuses.  And then, if you try to cancel, its your fault, so pay up.


Re: Whats going on with Sprint?


     I'm sorry you're experiencing issues. The duplicate text messaging issue on the airave is being investigated, we know this issue is affecting people and we're working on trying to get this issue resolved. It sounds like you moved to a worse coverage area and I've experienced the opposite situation where I moved from a poor coverage area to a better one and so I know exactly how frustrating it can be. I can tell you that we are constantly working on ways to improve our network coverage and we recently announced plans for network improvements that will impact not only our voice coverage but data as well. One of our efforts is detailed here. As for the market update I know you can download it manually if you would like, I posted about this here, there's websites like this one where you can download it manually. I've also read not only on our forums but other sites as well that the update may have stopped being pushed out because of feedback received from users regarding several software bugs. I do want to thank you for being loyal to us, I hope some of this information helps.

Edit: Co-worker just also brought up another good suggestion about boosting your airave coverave to see if that helps at all, you can find out more information here. Thanks Larry.

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Re: Whats going on with Sprint?

I know how you feel. I have over 12 years with Sprint

I've wasted close to 18 hours this week with Sprint trying to get my EVO 3D to work properly.

I also have an airrave that helped some but has not cleared up the texting issue and calls goin stright to voicemail.

I'm finished with them. I'm registering multiple complaints with the FCC. They can't provide a quality service, won't fix their network problems and want you to pay them for the crap they dish out.

I need reliability so I'm forced to go to Verizon, if I have to pay Sprint because of contract issues I will let the FCC handle my complaints from here on out.

I also purchased the domain name I will be putting up a web site outlinging their service tactics and hopefully others will contribute their stories so people looking for a reliable and honorable carrier will get first hand information about Sprint.

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