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Where do my Myxer created downloads go?


Where do my Myxer created downloads go?

After reading the posts here concerning not being able to get already purchased ringtones off of our old phones, I went to the Myxer website as suggested.  I bought a couple of theirs and they downloaded fine into my music folder.  Not a problem.  Then I created two of my own and downloaded them also.  Unfortunately, I can't find them.  If the purchased ones went into my music folder, where did the other two download to?

Can anyone help me with this?

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Re: Where do my Myxer created downloads go?

You cannot use ringtones from Myxer on the EVO. You can however download ringtones from Mabilo. And you can access that from your phone.


Re: Where do my Myxer created downloads go?

Thank you for your help and the name of another site that I can use.  Can you tell me why the ringtones that I bought from Myxer work on my Evo but not the ones I created?  That doesn't make any sense.  The ones that I bought went straight into the music folder.

To say I am confused is an understatement.


Re: Where do my Myxer created downloads go?

The easiest way is to download them to your PC, Then plug your phone into your pc using the USB cable, Choose "Disk Drive" Create 3 folders - "Ringtones" "Notifications" "Alarms" drag/drop the ringtones into the folder you wish them to be associated with.

Besides Myxer, Here are a few other populer free sites to get/create ringtones from.

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