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Why consider another service provider? HTC 4G


Why consider another service provider? HTC 4G

I am drifting upon my 2 year mark (8-01-12)where I have the option to change phones and pay way too much or sign a 2 year contract and get the phone for 1/3 the price. 

I have several issues as pending factors in my decision making process. This is my 3rd HTC EVO 4G.  I just purchased a Kyocera Duramax off of Ebay for $100 in my final attempt. (it will arrive on July 23rd, 2012)

    1) When someone calls me, regardless of carrier or if it is a cell phone or landline, I can often hear the caller prior to answering the phone.

          a. The nerds out there who have no real responsibility would say that is awesome!  Sadly they have not grown up and do not understand that adults are not so nosey and they do not want to hear their friends/family shouting at the car in front of them while they are calling you.  Especially when you are in a meeting or you leave your phone in your office and people walk by and hear the caller shouting or using profanity.

          b.  It is a breach of my privacy and it is totally unacceptable

          c. Sprint offered me the most pathetic phones on the market and would not offer a comparable replacement although they openly admit they have no idea why this happens and cannot stop it

          d. Sprint has generated several ticket numbers and after 5 attempts to remediate my problem(s) at 3 different Sprint stores, I think I have to give up on them

     2) I work in downtown Charlotte, NC and I cannot access the 4G network 85% of the time when standing outside (not between buildings)

          a. The fee I have been charged the past few years should be refunded. $240 (yes, I know you charge this extra $10 for all smartphones now but this was not the case when I made my purchase)

          b. I cannot access 4G from my home or anywhere near it.  The coverage map is not even close to accurate for this!

          c. The children working in the Sprint stores have no clue how to troubleshoot

     3) The browser on this phone is horrible and freezes every single time I have used it

          a. I have reset the phone to factory settings multiple times

          b. I have verified my software is all up to date based on the sprint website.  The store(s) verified this.

          c. No one at Sprint has any idea for a solution yet they leave me with a phone that does not work well

     4) I am dropping more calls than ever.  You would think that driving on the interstate in Charlotte, NC this would not happen

          a. The Sprint store assures me they are rebuilding their network and I can expect improvements in the near future although they have no dates to share

          b. I did not always drop so many calls, especially on the interstate

          c. I have to use an Air Rave at home that I have to pay for because Sprint staff made it clear I was within the Sprint service area.  Sadly the community of 750 homes where I live is a virtual dead zone.

     5) My battery dies for no apparent reason and I have replaced it with the same results ($60 wasted)

          a. Sprint customer service person said she hears this often and experiences the same issue with her EVO

          b. Sprint needs to stop placing unwanted apps on their phones

          c. Sprint needs to focus on the network and not what their people are doing and where they are at all times by pinging the towers every second

Considering no one from Sprint is able to offer any real assistance, I think it is time to look into Verizon again.

I have realized over the past two years of anguish that there are several factors in play here. 1) The people of today have very little expectations from their mobile devices and mediocre service is satisfactory. 2) Sprint is really good at not stepping up to the plate when their customers need them most.  They have done it with a smile but a smile only goes so far. 

Frustrated and highly disappointed!


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