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Why does the HTC Evo 4G overheat and shut down?


Why does the HTC Evo 4G overheat and shut down?

I have one of the very first HTC Evo 4G phones.  I paid mega dollars for it because I was not qualified for an update.  It has a heat problem.  When I talk for an extended time, the phone heats up and shuts down.  I have no way of getting the phone back up and running until it cools down and I recharge it, even if it didn't need to be charged (more than half power left). 

Is this happening with other HTC Evo 4G phones also. 

What is Sprint doing to make the problem go away.  I already had the memory erased and put the new program installed in the phone by an employee from Sprint at Best Buy. 

Please help.

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Re: Why does the HTC Evo 4G overheat and shut down?

My first question is: Do you have any program killer installed such as Tast Killer. If you do, uninstall it. Second: Are you a heavy user, 4G, GPS, SIRIUS, WiFi, etc. If you are, try to use the menu, and exit every time you finish with a program or back button (specially in GPS since it will prompt you to exit Navigation mode)

It looks like you are pushing your processor to the max, and to protect itself, your phone shuts down. Do you know how to turn off programs running in your phone? or uninstall? ( Menu - Settings - Applications - running services), try installing OS Monitor (free) from the market.

Also if you are in a 4G area always turn off 4G if you know you are not going to use it, same thing for he GPS and WiFi. If you use your phone as a HotSpot, turn that off if you don't use it. Try not to always keep your EVO in charge, charge as you need not as you go. I hope this helps .

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Why does the HTC Evo 4G overheat and shut down?

I don't know if this will help you, YMMV, etc.

I also have an "old" (July) EVO. I've not noticed it heating up during conversations. However, at ambient room temp of around 75 F my EVO would heat up to around 104 F. This is idle, sceen on and charging. While playing music and Angry Birds, off charger, it would hit 120+ F then lock up. Let it cool and charge like you said to get it back...

I recently bought an extended battery and back cover and figured I'd be cooking eggs on my EVO. Wrong! My temp has been around 10 F lower when idle, screen on and charging. Right now my ambient room temp is 80.2 F, EVO battery shows at 90. F. So far the highest temp I've seen in the 2 weeks I've had the extended battery 104.8 F.

Like I sqaid above, YMMV.


Why does the HTC Evo 4G overheat and shut down?

I have noticed it heating up, but only while im playing games while it's charging. aside from that it warms up a lil while charging but thats pretty much normal for everything that gets charged. Ditto for things that need to be plugged in to charge and you use it while it's plugged in.

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