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Why the bloat APS?


Why the bloat APS?

I really enjoy my EVO but it has very limited internal memory.  I would love to take off Nascar and football and anything I do not ever, will not ever use.  Please someone explain why I need sprint Nascar or stocks.  I understand Blockbuster and Amazon MP3 may pay sprint to force their service on us (why I do not use either one) but unless I root my phone I am stuck with it, WHY?

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Why the bloat APS?

Did you buy the EVO when the Nexus, Epic Touch and Photon were available? Since the EVO came out Sprint has a clear understanding of what we need to do - it may take a while to get there but we will.



Why the bloat APS?

One thing I did not like about my EVO was all the useless applications.

Solution: root, remove the apps you don't like and enjoy it.

FYI: I sold my EVO when the photon came out. You can do the same by buying a clean photon from craigslist for less than $200 and get $90 credit from Sprint by recycling your EVO.


Why the bloat APS?

No problem butting them on the phone. Why block you from taking them off with out rooting. Of course sprint doesn't want you to root your phone either.....

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