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Will a call interrupt navigation on an EVO?


Will a call interrupt navigation on an EVO?

Just asking, but if I'm driving and being directed by (google) navigation on a Sprint HTC EVO, will an incoming call or text (or anything else for that matter) interrupt the navigation?  I recently asked this question of support and their answer was, "The call may interrupt navigation".  IMO, the person who tried to answer my question has never used navigation on a phone, let alone the EVO.  I currently own a Garmin Nuvi.  I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being sent to non-existant places or parking lots that fall short of my destination.  Not to mention that new locations are only available (to my Garmin Nuvi) if I cough up MORE money.  I'm also convinced that such upgrades for Garmin are not perfect.

I don't use my Garmin when it really counts, I print up off of Google maps once I'm done tweeking my route.  So, what I'm hoping is that if I were to spring for an EVO, would it live up to it's promise of multi-tasking? Or, will it fail in that regard when a call comes in?  I notice that Sprint makes a point about emergency professionals using the EVO, well guess what?  If I'm using nav and a call comes in that is equally important, BOTH NEED TO WORK AT THE SAME TIME.  Interruptions are not acceptable and I hope that Sprint takes this to heart.  Anyone out there really test this theory?

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