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Worth the $10/month premium?

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Re: Worth the $10/month premium?

I purchased my Evo4g over the phone with Sprint directly, in May of 2011.  I did have the $10 charge explained to me as a 4g charge by the CSR.  I've got no problem with them changing it from 4g charge to Premium data charge, to whatever they want to call it.  My problem is that with a premium data charge, I'd assume that the network SHOULD be fast enough to give you a reason to want to use your premium data.  As it is, a lot of people seem to be getting the same results I am.  0.02 - 0.21kbps for the most part.   When it's in an old dialup range, that isn't so "premium" in my book.  So.. instead of calling it a "premium data" charge, call it something like "When we get around to fixing it you may get to enjoy it. " charge... 

Being told it was for 4g initally was a bit deceptive.  At this point in time, with the network data speeds being so erratic, (it seems like it's all over.), calling it premium data seems a bit deceptive..


Re: Worth the $10/month premium?

I have been on both sides of the fence - I worked at an AT&T corporate owned store until March 2009 - I remember when they changed from unlimited to 5GB and I told my customers about it - UP FRONT AND IN PERSON - I reported to management that a co-worker didn't and was told to mind my own business. The company trained everyone about the 5GB on aircards and some people just ignored it. Fast forward to Sprint and the release of the EVO - Sprint had multiple classroom and online training modules before the EVO launched and it was never a 4G charge - it was a premium data charge. Sprint had multiple emails educating representatives on scenarios and suggested information/scripts for the change. If someone chose not to tell you about it properly as a customer and an employee I regret that they didn't do their job.



Re: Worth the $10/month premium?

Oops ... my mistake, I am soooo jaded against Sprint because of taking away from me being able to swap out one smart phone on my current plan to another smart phone without having to pay that $10 surcharge. I have an Everything Data Plan. Decided last year to change my current smart phone to another one that I bought on my own, went to Sprint on line to do so, change my esn numbers and was told I would have to pay an extra $10 per month, even though I was in the middle of my contract with a current smart phone! It was a chance for Sprint to squeeze out another $10 a month on my plan. Didn't seem right, isn't right and why I will end my 6 year relationship with them in 2 short months. You would think, if you have a customer under contract for two years, one who pays on time all the time and switched out one phone for another, one that uses no more data then the other, you would let that person finish their contract as is, with a Unlimited Data plan before sticking him for another $10 plus taxes.

***** With that said, Sprint also eliminated my discounts on secondary lines, while still under my contract that I faithfully pay on time every month. Wow, talk about short term profits as the expense of losing good paying solid customers. I am 22 months into my 2 year contract and I think I am now paying about $10 more per month then when I started. Added admin fee's eliminating discounts etc.

I used to tell everyone how great Sprint was, but they went to the dark side and the evil has shown its face. The future of contract phones are dead, it will be everyone for themselves, I will be purchasing my next phones and doing no contract service, provider with the best prices will win! Sprint and the others can not be trusted to in good faith, stand by the prices that the customer pays at the start of their contract without trying to legally increase what we pay.

Then whenever you go to the website or newpaper ads the Everything Data Plan is always $10 lower then then what you will pay because lets face it, just about everyone getting a phone with a data plan is going to get a smart phone. At least now the writing at the bottom of the page is larger on teh website, but not in print ads. So anyway, you are correct, 450 minutes, unlimited data and text = $79.00 per month. Of course again, first impression on the sprint online is $69. then you select a smart phone and its $79.


Re: Worth the $10/month premium?

Another thing that gets my blood all angered up about this extra $10 that I'm being charged is the fact that they will not apply my corporate discount to the $10.  So I have a family plan at $129 per month, and I get a 25% discount off that plan.  Fine.  I updated my old smart phone to a new smart phone (which would use the same amount of data), and they jammed me with this un-necessary $10 per month over-charge while giving me nothing more than I had previously.  So I get my first bill and the $10 doesn't reflect my 25% corporate discount.  I call customer service and he explains that they cannot apply any discounts to the $10 that they are charging me while giving me nothing more. That just isn't right!  I'm supposed to have a discount on all monthly charges and accessories, but Sprint decides somehow that the $10 over-charge (which gets me nothing more than I had before), is NOT a monthly charge, but a premium add-on, which means my corporate discount doesn't apply.  What a load of horse hockey!!! 

Man, if another company offered a Windows Phone with physical keyboard I would be gone in a flash...

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