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apps keep popping up after force quit/kill task


apps keep popping up after force quit/kill task

I just switched from verizon to sprint and I've had this phone for about 3 days now. i have downloaded the advance kill task free and  when i wake my phone from sleeping the sprint navigation, voicemail, keeps popping up. i have gone into app setting  and force quit it, but it keeps happening.  why?! and what can i do to stop it from popping up? I've NEVER opened  it. also, I've heard that the advance kill task is a good app, but also a bad app. should i keep it or delete it?


Re: apps keep popping up after force quit/kill task

Task Killers are not needed on Android 2.x software. Android itself manages applications on its own unlike the original versions. When new applications request more memory it will automatically shut down old apps you haven't used based on numerous criteria. There are some exceptions with poorly written applications, or applications still in testing that specifically are coded not to close for testing purposes.

Just for a couple links.

In most cases using a task killer on newer Android devices will actually cause more issues and worse battery life than if you let it manage itself.

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