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can not upload images from my htc evo 4g


can not upload images from my htc evo 4g

Hello, I can see all my photos that I took with my phone in this folder (via ASTRO File Manager) 100MEDIA. I also see them all (via ES File Explorer)  in sdcard --> DCIM --> 100MEDIA. There are tons of photos that I need to upload to my computer. I've been trying to do it for a long while - to no avail. I read multiple postings on this issue and can not find an answer.

In the settings of my phone I go "Connect to PC." The default connection type set as "Disk drive." But, when the phone is connected to my Laptop, I see all the folders, but there are no photos in them! I see dcim --> 100MEDIA, but it's empty. I search the entire removable directory for the images (typing in their names) and see "no items match your search."

It's really exhosting. That make the camera in the phone pretty usless to me. I just don't have the time to sit and try to share the photos one by one - I have hundreds of them. I already tried the drop box as well - there are only 2-4 image get uploaded at once. I tried to email them, but also they go in small amounts - the email attachements can be only so big.

What is wrong with my phone? How to I upload all the images to my computer?

Thank you!


unmount your SD card-remove it and put it into a sd card reader and slap it into your laptop or comupter..for some odd reason its not pulling them up for that im thinking of it i think theyre actually under a different currently at work or i would check real quick. if you connected your phone right to your computer it should have said your sd card unmounted...all your pics should have gone straight to your sd card

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