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front camera is locked how do i unlock it?


front camera is locked how do i unlock it?

How can i unlock my front camera i used quik and its says its locked help!!!!!


front camera is locked how do i unlock it?

Hi dware12, thanks for the post and welcome to the Community! I have heard of this issue before - I have not heard of a solid fix for it however. Here are some things that worked for some people:

  • Power the phone off and then back on.
  • Switch the camera (open quick and toggle the front and back cameras).
  • Search for "Qik" in the Android Market - reinstall/update the application if applicable.
  • Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Qik Video > Clear Data (this will permanently delete all of the application information).
  • View Qik Support Forums
  • Contact Qik Support

Please let us know how you make out on this issue, thanks.

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