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help with evo screen


help with evo screen

Got my evo yesterday.  I am use to the Palm Pre.  I am having problems navigating on the screen.  When I start to scroll up or down on it the closest icon will open up even if that is not what is wanted.  Is there a trick moving around on the screen without opening up different applications or a way to set it where it won't be so easy to open up?  My husband loves mine and wants to get one but he is not happy with that.  Help!!!

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Re: help with evo screen

There is a sensitive area around each image on the screen that if you release your finger or thumb from touching the screen while still in the area, but that image isn't physically moving, the phone will detect your finger motion as a 'command execute' entry.

In other words, if you don't want to accidentally execute one of the images, you have to keep moving your finger to the left or right by 'flicking' the image with a gentle sliding motion, or, you have to be very careful to select an area that is outside the boundary of the image (in a blank space next to the image).  When you press and hold your finger down on any of the icons on the screen, you can see the boundary area I'm referring to.  If you want to remove that icon from your screen, hold the icon with your finger until you see the boundary, then drag it down to the bottom of the screen.  You remove the icon but it doesn't delete the app from the phone.  It's just not on your screen any more.  I only mention this to explain how you can tell where the boundary of the icon lies on your screen but since it was half the instructions on how to remove unwanted icon, I added the other half of the instructions because holding the icon down does have a purpose.  I was only explaining it so you'd know where NOT to touch if you don't want to accidentally execute the program by lifting your finger off when the icon is stationary.

Good luck with your new toy!  I love mine.  I find something new on it about every time I pick it up and tinker with it some more.


Re: help with evo screen


I just switched from the Pre to the EVO as well.  I love the EVO but it was hard for a couple days to get used to the new format (really miss the keyboard).  I don't think there is a trick except to get used to the new format.   Also get hung up on differnt apps when the closet covers some sort of action button and I pause for a couple seconds before realizing that I have to hit the back button to clear it so I can move forward.  My experience is that every day i accidently hit the closet button less and less.  Good luck - hope you love it!

Thanks for choosing Sprint.

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