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horrible battery life


horrible battery life

this is already a known issue as u can tell from the reviews the phone has a horrible idle for battery life i dont even use my phone at work and 1/2 the battery gets drained if not more.  why is this? i have no extra apps in fact i even did a hard reset ot see if it was anything i downloaded and i can tell u that i constantly see the network bars downloading.  when will there be a fix for the battery life sprint? dont tell me to turn this off, disable this and that. 4g, wifi, gps is off and i have no live wall paper so what gives?


Re: horrible battery life

Do what the rest of us do.  Download ATK and install it.  Then right after you reboot your phone, kill everything.

You probably have things like FriendStream running because it runs by default.

Also, after the first few days the battery usage evens out a bit (if you searched the forums here rather than posting a new battery thread, you'd see the discussions being had).  It has to do with all the synching and such that its doing initially (google accounts, updates, etc).  So doing a hard reset of your phone actually did you no favors because it probably removed the updates/synching you had already done.

Set your screen brightness lower, its one of the bigger uses of battery power.  You'd have to do this on a laptop too, so dont complain too much about it, that's why there's a plugged-in and unplugged profile for laptops.

Admittedly there is far too much garbage that runs by default, and many times you'll see stuff running in the background that you never started, but that's Sprint for you.  Many times, though, things listed in ATK arent actually running, just sitting there in memory.  You can kill them if you wish, but they probably arent taking much away from your battery power.

I wish companies would release a no-bloatware (read: no-crapware) version of their devices (this goes for PC companies too, fortunately I build all my own so I dont have to deal with it most of the time).

Other than that, wait till a decent extended battery is released and buy it.  All new 'smartphones' have terrible battery utilization, it just comes with the territory.  Plug it in often.


Re: horrible battery life

i used to use atk till i read this article....u dont need atk anyways because its built-in to android 2.1


Re: horrible battery life

I am getting HORRIBLE battery life with this thing! I've read the many suggestions across the web and have applied most of them. I have turned off all services and have never turned on 4G and I still can't even make it through a whole day. This morning, I started using my phone at 5am (it was fully charged), I did some intermittent internet usage for roughly 40 mins (since I log my gym time online) and other than that have really not used it at all and at 11:30 am, it told me I had 10% battery remaining. I set all my sync settings to 4 hour intervals which is it how it came default except my company exchange which is (as items arrive).

I can't figure out what else to do? I don't want a phone with a load of cool features that I can't even use due to battery life. I mean, this is not bad, it makes the phone virtually worthless.

Anyone have any suggestions? Also, of course, I had to upgrade which means I signed on for another two years. Do I have any recourse if I just can't live with the phone??



Re: horrible battery life ( not )

I have been getting a full day of use with only a couple of additional re-charges all week. (I full recharge at night )

The first day or so ran down a bit more quickly.

I use the phone, have it check mail fairly often, surf, take pictures.

No task killer installed.

I manually kill services like Pandora when I am done with them.

After 7.5 hours today I am at 81% battery.

I even used wifi for a while.

I am in an interior office with pretty good 3g signal.



Re: horrible battery life

My battery life is similar to that of the Touch Pro running the same functions and similar apps. I leave WiFi, Bluetooth and other functions off until I actually need them and let the OS manage the apps as it's supposed to. That's one of the great things about Linux is the way it manages resources compared to other OS's. Other then the fact that it's open source, which you gotta love, Linux is one of the greatest aspecs of Android.

Keep an eye on Seidio, they are supposed to be coming out with a battery with 3500mAh which requires a new backcover. They already have a 1750mAh battery available that uses the standard cover.

If my post or someone else's answered your question please mark it an Accepted Solution.

Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.

Re: horrible battery life

Wish I had those results. Apparently something is sucking my battery but I can't figure out what it is. I got mine on launch day and it's been horrible the entire time. 


Re: horrible battery life

I have found the best way to save battery life is to turn off all the radios you are not using.  If you need to get data/internet, I think WiFi uses the least battery, then 3g, then 4g.  TV and Navigation apps also using a lot of power.

I have also found that if you re-boot your phone, you will find some applications like Talk and Mobile Defense will run even if you turned them off previously and have the application syncs off.

IMO, an easy way to turn off applications that might be running is to install the Running Services widget on a screen.  Add it by going to the place to you want to add the widget, then:  + > Shortcut > Settings > Running Services.  It will be added to the screen.

Then, hit the installed Running Services widget and you will get a list of the apps that are running, and from there you can tap on the app to stop it from running.  In my case, I always find Talk is running and some people have postulated it sucks the battery--I don't know.  If you have Mobile Defense installed, it will be running.  I don't use Facebook or Flickr, but some have reported these suck battery life too. There are a number of other apps that will be running but I have not touched them because I don't know what they do.  If you find out, let us know.


Re: horrible battery life

So i have been playing with the EVO nonstop and yes it does have horrible battery life with all of the apps running.  I would lose 10% battery in 30 minutes on standby so what i found that helps is the ATK of course but it doesn't solve the problem.  What solves the majority of the battery loss was removing apps that continuously use the network.  I changed the front screen to just a normal clock instead of the weather widget and such and i made all twitter, facebook etc feeds update manually.  Doing so, surfing the internet, and sending texts for 3 hours now, i have been stuck at 59%.  I thought soumething was wrong with the battery program i downloaded from the android market.  But the short battery is from the constant use of the network.

This is a minor speed bump, just buy another battery if need be.  Like all tools, they need to be mastered before you're able to use them perfectly and efficiently.  Just charge at night and use what you NEED to for apps during the day.   No use having news, finance and other widgets updating every second if you aren't reading/using them.

Take it from me, it is by far the best smartphone i have used... blazing fast, smart, great sound and picture quality.

But the best is for people with fat fingers when texting... problem solved.


Re: horrible battery life

Make sure the mail/contacts/calendar apps are not constantly syncing since this would contribute to the battery problem quite a bit.  Honestly, I've had my EVO since launch day and have been getting a full day out of it without issue.  Checkout for some great tips on battery syncing issue.


Re: horrible battery life

Battery Life isn't Horrible, but it's far from Good.   Don't bother wasting your time using a Task Killer either.

If you don't live in a  4G Area, I recommend you keep the Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, 3G Icon's on your Desktop and just simply leave the 4G Disabled.   With a Live Wallpaper, Friendstream, E-Mail's constantly being updated and normal use I get about 16~18 hours use out of a Full Charge.  I would get about 24~36 with the same on an iPhone 3Gs, but I didn't run Live Wallpapers, and Push Notifications, so I have no doubt in my mind if I configured my Evo with pretty much the same setup as my iPhone I would have about the same result, but I like my live wallpapers, and my constant updates, so I sacrifice the extra battery life, but my wife and I picked up 2 Car Chargers, so we never really have a battery issue.

That being said, just keep the GPS disabled unless you need Navigation.   Keep the WiFi disabled unless you actually have a use for it, or are within a WiFi accesible area.  Disable Bluetooth unless you actually need it.   Also, if you do a decent amount of traveling, and this puts you in and out of 3G accessible areas, or weak 3G areas, disable 3G as well (Mobile Network), and with the ability to put these widgets/icons right on your homescreen it's easy enough.

I also reccomend getting yourself a Car Charger.  This phone has more than enough Charge for a day of work, and if you have a Car Charger, you rshould be more than fine.

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