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hotspot not ready for 3g


Re: hotspot not ready for 3g

shakui, How about receiving a call while using it as a  hotspot, I'd think being a phone would/should be top priority.

Re: hotspot not ready for 3g

Initially the hotspot will work in 4G areas without requiring the $29.99 add-on due to a glitch in the way authentication will work on the 4G network. This will be fixed shortly after release. 3G hotspot functionality will require the $29.99 add-on immediately at launch.


Re: hotspot not ready for 3g

levi calls will only come through while using hotspot only if your using 4g. 3g calls will goto voicemail. i agree with you calls r more important.  if i'm on the net now with my phone calls still come through. hope that is something they will fix for us 3g users.


Re: hotspot not ready for 3g

This thread has run its course and  now being closed. Thanks everyone for helping stomp out a bad rumor.

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