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how to mount ebooks


how to mount ebooks

Hi all,

I read books on my phone all the time.  On the iphone this was super easy.  I'm not finding the EVO to be so great at this.  I have successfully mounted books on my evo, but sometimes the SD card cannot find the book(s).  I'm not sure what I used to do (I thought I was doing it right!) but this has been really frustrating!

This is what I do:

1.  Mount device (I have a folder titled "ebooks")

2.  Drag files into "ebook"

3.  Dis-mount device

4.  Go to Aldiko and "import"

and then nothing happens.  Or sometimes it does import but I don't know why/what I did differently.

It looks like the evo automatically creates a subfolder within "ebooks" called "import" and I've tried putting the files in there as well.  I'm not sure if this is what one is supposed to do, or if the folder is just supposed to sit there.

Any tips or tricks would be extremely appreciated!

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Re: how to mount ebooks

This isn't an Evo problem, but from what I remember, you need to put compatible ebooks into the import folder you saw, then in Aldiko, import the books through some menu option. I gave up on Aldiko and use Kindle and Kobo, since most of my books are in those services. Good luck.

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