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htc is it going to be bug prone?


htc is it going to be bug prone?

i am really excited about this phone, the only thing i fear is that its going to give me trouble. i got the instinct when it came out and went through 5 of them, then came the palm pre,currently on my 5th phone. The only thing i can go on is that htc has been building touchscreens for awhile so i believe that this phone will not have as many problems as previous phones. What is everyone else thinking on that matter?

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Re: htc is it going to be bug prone?

Sprint and HTC have been working on this device for a very long time. I am sure that all the necessary steps are being taken to ensure that the EVO as Sprint's flagship device will be as bug proof as possible.  That said, whenever you have as many fingers in developing a device as the EVO has: Sprint, HTC, and Google, just to name the major players, there is bound to be something. Early adopters will have to remember that this is new technology and no two people will use the device in the same manner so there will probably be some issues.

Don't expect software updates to rapidly deploy like we see with the webOS devices, as there are just too many layers involved. Google, HTC hardware, HTC software, Sprint and finally the companies that provide supporting software.

Make a list of your needs and expectations. Try to make sure that all of your questions are answered before making the decision to purchase this or any other device. One thing I will do is play with a Sprint device that has Android 2.1 and Sense installed to see if I am comfortable with the software. I want to know if I will be able to use Wimax for data while on a 3g voice. Will I be able to suspend an app, make a call, then go back to where I was on the app. WebOS has spoiled me with multitasking.

Anyway back to the question, bug prone, no I don't think so. Issues here and there, probably.



Re: htc is it going to be bug prone?

I couldn't have said it better myself.

I just might add, don't be afraid to spend A LOT of testing it in the store, if you're not as adventurous as I am.

I usually just buy it, take it home, test it, then decide if I'm going to keep it.

Of course that's after I've read all the product review sites to get some kinda clue.

I work for a software company, and I must agree that there is no such thing as a bug proof piece of software!!

Unless the software does one simple thing only, then maybe there is one.

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