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iPhone display correctly, EVO Android incorrectly


iPhone display correctly, EVO Android incorrectly

With an iPhone I browse to and the site fills the screen.  On the EVO the same site shows up as a tiny image crowded into the upper left corner.

Is there something wrong with the browser, the site or is there a setting I have wrong?

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Re: iPhone display correctly, EVO Android incorrectly

Most likely it is related to the iPhone's browser automatically resizing the page to have the info fill the screen, or that page is the exact size of the iPhone's screen (the most likely reason). Whereas the EVO is interpreting the code exactly as it is sent and as such the information only takes up that much space on the screen.

On my Hero the page takes up most of the screen, but I don't think it is due to resizing, but rather that's the size of the screen for that size font. When I load the page in my desktop browser the site loads in the upper left corner because that's the size of the information it is getting. The web site's source code doesn't specify any kind of fit-to width, it just sends the information. It does however specify specific iOS things like a bookmark icon when adding it to an iPhone or iPod touch, so obviously that page is made with the iPhone in mind primarily and as such the font sizes and layout are probably meant to fit that size screen.

Both the iPhone and Android browsers are based on Apple's WebKit engine, but there are many ways it can be implemented that can adjust how things  are rendered ultimately. Most likely Android is having it load the page like a regular webpage because there is nothing in the site's source to say it is a mobile page versus a regular desktop page. However the information relating to the iPhone/iPod Touch in particular tells the iPhone it is a page optimized for it.


Re: iPhone display correctly, EVO Android incorrectly

halcyoncmdr117 is pretty much spot on with the explanation.  And after visiting the web page with my desktop and my Evo I have have this to say.

The Evo displays the page exactly as it is developed.  It isn't making any judgment on how you "expect" to see it.  The browser isn't doing it incorrectly, it's just not doing it as you would expect or like.  The iPhone indeed must be auto resizing the page or you are using an older iphone with a lower resolution.

The image itself is only 149 pixels wide and the font size is set to 8 pt type.  Open up a word processor and set type to 8 pt and see how small that is on your screen. and indeed it does seem apple centric and specifically older iPhones.

Given the resolution of the Evo and that it doesn't auto-magic zoom this is the 100% size of the page.  EXACTLY as continental designed.  Older versions of the iPhone have much lower resoltion and this page would take up more than half of the screen at these sizes.  On the Evo the resolution is a lot higher and at 100% things are smaller.

Note:  double tap on the page (not on a link) and it will zoom in automagically for you.

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