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question about connecting to my pc


question about connecting to my pc

i must be crazy but when i try to interact with my pc via the usb cable 'normal style' NOTHING happens except that my computer tries to recognize the hardware.  has anyone else not instantly gotten the 'connect to pc' dialog box?

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Re: question about connecting to my pc

Actually you need to specify the connection type or for what you are trying to connect. Once you connect the usb cable to the computer, if you pull down your notification bar, you should specify: Charge only, HTC Sync, Disc Drive, or usb tethering. If not, your pc will keep looking without doing anything. I hope this helps, if not, please specify it even more what you need to do.

P.S. Another way to change default connection is by going to MENU - SETTINGS - CONNECT TO PC  - DEFAULT CONNECTION TYPE.

Good Luck

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Re: question about connecting to my pc

You may also want to make sure your USB debugging is unchecked on device.  The way you find this is to go to home page, menu, settings, applications, develpment and USB debugging.

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