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saving to sd card


saving to sd card

My charging port has malfunctioned (big surprise!) as this is a common defect in the Evo 4G.  I obviously cannot connect my phone to my pc to transfer my pics and more importantly, my videos!  Why is there not an option to save to sd card?  I have found very few things I can save to my sd card so whats the use of having it?  I do not want to send my phone to HTC and lose all of my vids.  Can somone please help?  and if I cannot simply save to sd card, how do I blue tooth to PC?


saving to sd card


Sorry that you're having issues with your charging port. Your device should automatically save photos and videos to the SD card as that is the default standard in your device due to the fact that you have limited internal storage. What else are you trying to save to the SD card?

If you want to export your contact list to the SD card, follow the directions below:

  • Select "People"
  • Select "All"
  • Press "Menu"
  • Select "Import/Export"
  • Select "Export to SD card"

Let me know if you need further assistance.


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