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sprint mobile sync ?


sprint mobile sync ?

I'm tryin to locate the mobile sync download sync app for my evo , its not in the android market. Is there somewhere else i have to look ?


sprint mobile sync ?

Unfortunately, Sprint Mobile Sync is not available on most smartphones.  It is available for the following devices:

Kyocera DuraCore

Kyocera DuraMax

Lg LX-400

Motorola Admiral

Motorola Renegade

Samsung Instinct

Samsung Instinct HD

Samsung Instinc S30

Samsung Z400

Sanyo Pro-200

Sanyo Pro-700

If you had a phone that supported Mobile Sync before and swapped to the HTC Evo 4G, there are a few steps we would have to do to get your contacts out of Mobile Sync and onto your Evo.  You can go to the Sprint Service & Repair Center and they will be happy to transfer them for you.  You also can private message me and I will assist you in transferring them using a computer with internet access.  I'm happy to help.

Thank you


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