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youtube issues? (on 4G)


youtube issues? (on 4G)

anybody else having wierd issues with youtube? I have the lastest version of the app and when I use it on 4G the quality is sometimes randomly very low (it still says High Quality). Also it will sometimes play the wrong video from my subsciptions to a random video. is there a fix for the problem or is this just me?

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youtube issues? (on 4G)

Are you deleting internet cache and cookies regularly?  Not sure if this will help with your issue but it wont hurt either.  I have done some research on this and don't see if being reported elsewhere.  If this persists reply with a list of downloaded app for reference. You can get them by going to and entering your gmail info. I will monitor for your reply.



youtube issues? (on 4G)

We made some changes on the network, can anyone verify if the issue of youtube playing the wrong video is no longer occuring?

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