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4.0.4 anytime soon?


4.0.4 anytime soon?

alright, been 6 months since ics update.  have seen all the bugs users are having here.  when will sprint and htc push the 4.0.4 update?  are they even working on implementation?  or has this phone been deadended?  and a further htc rant... can understand htc's poor market performance when they cant even provide a working community support forum, its been down the better part of the last year!


Re: 4.0.4 anytime soon?

htc emailed me back about this issue and in so much corporate-speak saying they do not publish release dates due to security and then kicked the ball to sprint saying i should ask sprint for an expectation of a ics 4.0.4 release so... please refer to my original post.  will the evo design 4g get an update to 4.0.4? (or 4.0.5?)

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